Chelsea vs. Sounders FC blog: love ’em & hate ’em

Sounders 2- 4 Chelsea

What a way to end a career for Roger Levesque, going out against the kings of Europe, the one and only Chelsea Football Club.

Not at all like the game last year against Manchester United, this year the Sounders actually put up a fight for the entire game.

After going down by 2 early, the Sounders fought back with a Freddy Montero strike, and controlled play for much of the first half, and pulled it even on another Montero strike, all in the first 30 minutes.

Sure, Chelsea was without a few of the big names that helped them win the UEFA Champions League, but there was still some very high priced talent on the pitch Wednesday night in Seattle.

Drogba is gone to Shanghai, John Terry is still fighting his court battles, Petr Cech was fighting a bit of jet lag, and Frank Lampard was California dreaming about a transfer to L.A.

Still, it’s not everyday that us Sounders fans get to see our humble little MLS squad take on the best club team in the world.

Love ’em

Roger’s last stand

As mentioned above, and as many of you were already aware of, long time Sounder Roger Levesque called this game his last as a professional footballer.

After nine years with the club in both the MLS, and the USL versions, Levesque saw his time on the pitch limited more this year than in the past.

And with the form of newcomer Eddie Johnson, it was going to be hard for him to fight back into not only the 18, but the starting 11 as well.

Here is a link to his touching farewell letter to the fans of Seattle.

They called this his testimonial, and since he only saw 20 minutes of action, I sure hope the club gives him a real one after the season is done.

Freddy’s audition

Back in the starting 11 for the first time in three matches, Freddy Montero put his time on the pitch to good work in the first half.

With not one, but two goals against a club like Chelsea, one can only think that Freddy was showcasing his talents for not only Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo, but for all of the bosses of the European clubs here in the states for their pre-season.

Roger Levesque

Roger Levesque chats with the crowd after the final whistle of his final professional game.

As a player we would all hate to see go, it is apparent that he can’t stay in Seattle for ever. His stock has risen over the past few years, and his name has been linked to the transfer market again this summer.

Especially with the ongoing feud with fellow striker Eddie Johnson, this could spell the end of Montero with the Sounders.

Hate ’em

Just couldn’t hang on

After tying the score in the first half, one had to wonder how long the draw would remain on the scoreboard.

You can only contain a club like Chelsea for so long, and their strength and speed just got the better of us.

Still, Sigi Schimd has to be happy with the way his club not only played, but kept pace, and controlled the game for the time that they did during this match.

Give aways will kill you every time, just ask Henrique Hilario. After his misplayed ball was corralled by Montero and put in the back of the net, the Sounders took control of the action for the next 20 minutes.

All because of a swing in the momentum, caused by the misplaced ball.

This just so happened to be the case right before halftime as well, the Sounders defenders just couldn’t match up with the faster Chelsea strikers, especially when the play went the other way off of turn overs.

Still, I personally was elated to watch this game. I hope that we get to play against some more high profile teams in the future.

With games against Boca Juniors, Celtic, Barcelona, Manchester United, and now Chelsea twice, Seattle fans have had a chance to see some of the best teams and players in the world, all right at home.

It’s not only special for the fans, but for the players who may never get that shot to play in Europe, this is a way to showcase themselves for the opposing coaching staff as well.

And last but not least, we get to show these European clubs that football is definitely alive and well in America.

The Seattle Sounders Football Club has the best supporters in North America, and for a club like Chelsea to come and play in front of a packed house with all of our team songs being sung, and fans on their feet for the entire 90 minutes, shows just that.

Tonight, more than any other night, I am proud to be a Sounder. Even in defeat, we stand strong till the very end. EBFG.

Here is the post game video form KICKTV


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