Seattle Sounders have the Best Fans in American Sports

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The Seattle Sounders definitely have the bets fans in the MLS, but the best fans in North American sport? Hell yeah! The Sounders fans, which are referred to as the Emerald City Supporters or the Rave Green, not only are loud and boisterous rooting for their home club in the stadium, but they also gear up before the match and have a strong following at away matches.

In match day in Seattle the Emerald City Supporters march to CenturyLink Field shouting and screaming support for their team with drums a blaring.

A soccer match at CenturyLink Field is the closest to any of the big stadiums in Europe with their wild fans, but let’s get one this straight the Emerald City Supporters are in no way soccer hooligans.

The Sounders are THE best fans in America

At CenturyLink Field do not expect a quiet match and do not expect to be sitting. The fans like to sing, dance, and shout, as well as stand the entire match.

There is one section that sings  “Eternal Blue Forever Green Sounders Til I Die, Hey!” and then they sit down.

At that time anther section gets up and does the same thing and they keep repeating this and it only gets louder. There is even a version of the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine that is sung with the fans waving flags and scarves.

Dude, the fans are simply the best in the Good ol’ US of A baby!

If you watch a Seattle match on TV you would think you would be watching a Champions League match with all the noise in the stadium. Not only have the Sounders broken the attendance record 2 years running, but in 2010 they averaged 36,173 people per match even though the capacity for soccer was 35,700!

Not only that, but the average MLS crowd in 2010 was 16,675 and I am no math genius, but I think the Sounders more than doubled that number.

You can’t deny the loyalty of the Cheeseheads in Green Bay, the Raider Nation in Oakland, or the fans of the Yankees and Red Sox, but the Sounders are THE best fans in America and that’s all there is to it.


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