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More Money…More Problems

In a day and age where the internet is one of the facilitators of communication, it is now easier than ever to express your opinions, thoughts, and ideas (case in point, this article you are reading right now). From an expert in ornithology debating the exact extinction date of the Mauritian Shelduck, Alopochen mauritianus, to a three-year-old’s mom blogging about how her toddler miraculously spared an ant’s life, you can find an article/blog about just anything on the internet today. But that does not mean all articles/thoughts stand on equal level.

As with what happens with regular media nowadays, sports generally dominates the internet (OK, well cats do too, but that’s for a completely different day…and site).

Recaps, opinions, pictures, videos, and just about anything you can think of that is sports related is just a click away. Some of it the regular ho-hum you get from other types of media, sometimes you stumble across something brilliant. And brilliant is exactly what I came across when I started following the “feud” between Seattle and Sacramento writers that is currently taking place because of the potential relocation of the Sacramento Kings. Though it just began on Sunday with a piece by Ailene Voison in the world-renowned, state-of-the-art, multi-industrial behemoth that is the Sacramento Bee, the feud has highlighted a tension between the two cities that has defined this entire relocation situation.

Appropriately titled (the only thing really appropriate about the entire article) Battle for the Kings takes an ugly turn, Voisin channeled her inner activist and spoke out against a Seattle group that was bullying all of those poor fellows in Sacramento.

Sleepless nights a problem? Talk with Kevin Johnson (Kelly L Cox/USA Today Sports)

Sleepless nights a problem? Talk with Kevin Johnson (Kelly L Cox/USA Today Sports)

“This was the middle finger to Sacramento,” writes Voison. “This was scummy and dirty, was over the top and down in the gutter, and frankly was a classic example of why so many folks are turned off by professional sports. What do you tell the kids? Seriously.”

Personally, I believe you tell the kids that there was once an NBA organization in Sacramento called the Kings. It was the only thing to do in Sacramento for 28 years (you see, the franchise moved from a distant and fantasy land called Kansas City, kids) and so people actually went to the games. But I guess that’s just my opinion.

Already receiving some backlash for her article that was pointed out as a whimper in the dark, The Captain (aka Brian Baker of Sports Radio 950 AM KJR) called her out in an opinionated, awesome, and downright hilarious statement on the radio station’s website.

Before getting any further, let’s get one thing straight: The Captain gets paid to say what is on his mind. He can do this kind of thing without really suffering any penalties and we love him for that. Some may be calling his statement sexist and demoralizing, but I’ll assume he is being honest when saying he would have had the same tone had a man written the column.

Also, let’s get something else straight. Bullying is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. While Baker’s statement does make some comparisons to high school bullying and the kids who would generally be bullied, I do not, nor would ever, condone the act of bullying. That being said, Voisin calling out the Seattle group for being bullies is ridiculous. It’s completely childish and it comes off as if she just needs a sympathy, cry-it-out kind of hug.

All the Seattle group was doing was doing a practice every sports organization, business, and company in the entire world does at some point in time: offer more money for a desirable product.

If you’re not sure as to why this was all sparked, let me bring you up to date on the Seattle vs. Sacramento saga that led Voison to speak out against bully Chris Hansen and allow hilarity to ensue.

The NBA Committee’s Decision

Though this all started when Sacramento Mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson spearheaded an effort to try and keep the Kings in Sacramento, things really began to pickup when the NBA’s Relocation Committee voted 7-0 in favor of having the Kings remain in Sacramento.

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen is doing everything he can to bring the NBA back to Seattle.

Voicing triumph in the local papers and twitter, Sacramento was thrilled with the decision. Though eight members decided not to vote and the committee was led by the infamous Clay Bennett (away! away with you, she-devil!), the move was a crushing blow to Seattle after they had put money into escrow, solidified an arena deal with the city, and garnered most of the support of the nation.

To review Sacramento’s offer that reportedly beat out Seattle’s: They reportedly matched Seattle’s offer of $525 million for the Kings after putting together an ownership group of diverse backgrounds while making a deal with local governments so they could build a new arena with the help of an excess of $250 million in public funds. They have bargained with the league and other owners, saying they would not take money from the revenue-sharing process in the NBA (where they will actually get money in a fiscally deprived city like Sacramento, I really don’t know). Their last-ditch effort was enough, as the well-mustached Kevin Johnson secured the vote of the NBA Relocation Committee.

Chris Hansen Counters

The reason why we are still talking about this today, Chris Hansen decided not to back down (as would any logical businessman who has an advantage over his competition).

Upping his original offer yet again, Hansen has an offer that is now valued at $625 million, an unprecedented amount to reject, or so it would seem. Aside from a $115 million relocation fee that would give each team around $4 million extra in their pocket, Hansen’s latest offer is a perfectly logical and sound business move that just goes to show how passionate a group of individuals are to bring a team back to Seattle.

An arena site already secured and the plans for it already in place, all Seattle needs are the Kings.

Though this is but a brief summary of everything that has happened in this saga, it gives you a brief outline as to why Voisin was venting online and why Abker had to call her out for it, giving us the perfect moment representative of everything that has gone on so far.

Seattle’s offer is far better than Sacramento’s, but it’s more than that. Sacramento is a cash-strapped city that is being led by a former NBA Player who thinks that it is better to build a new arena with $250 million in public funds rather than addressing the real reasons behind Sacramento’s economic mess.

I’m just glad that this will all soon be over…or so it seems.

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