Five Kings I would like to see in a Sonics uniform

The Big Five

The vote on the sale and possible relocation of the Sacramento Kings has been delayed for a few more weeks. That means now is a good time to get ahead of ourselves and start picking favorites from the Kings’ roster.

These are the five players I would love to see take the floor in Seattle next season.

DeMarcus Cousins

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas would look good as a Seattle Supersonic.

Cousins is the ultimate win/win for fans. He may become the most dominant big man in the game, or he may airball back to back ill-advised 3’s and perform a Mortal Kombat fatality on one of his assistant coaches.

Both his ceiling and basement have unfathomable potential, and either path guarantees a huge amount of entertainment.

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah has been an electric presence in the Seattle hoops scene from his time at Curtis High School to his years at the University of Washington.

His journey from last pick of the draft to starting point guard is a great one, and when you combine that with his incredibly entertaining style of play, you have a guaranteed fan favorite from day one.

Is he capable of being the starting point guard for a playoff contender? I’m not sure, but let’s worry about that after we get a team.

Chuck Hayes

Seattle has a history of love affairs with undersized rebounding machines. We went through our Reggie Evans phase, which can still be seen in all its opponent infuriating glory over in New Jersey, and we had a nice run with a pig-tailed fellow named Danny Fortson.

Next in line is Chuck Hayes. Is he a prolific rebounder and tenacious defender? Absolutely. Is he undersized? He’s 6’6″ and plays center. Does he have a cute nickname?

The Chuckwagon.

Cousins is the ultimate win/win for fans.

Cousins is the ultimate win/win for fans.


Patrick Patterson

He is a solid outside shooter, and a stretch four is a nice complementary piece for Boogie Cousins.

Patterson also served as a mentor to young DeMarcus during their season together at Kentucky, so it’s possible he could be a thin falsetto of reason among the thundering choir of insanity belting out a never-ending medley in Boogie’s brain.

Possible, but not likely.

Marcus Thornton

I have been massacred by the virtual version of this guy too many times. He is a 2K13 menace.

He is also a streak scorer with an aversion to defense, so in other words, a perfect role player in the poor man’s Jamal Crawford mold.

There are those who would make a case for Tyreke Evans being on this list, and cite the improvements he made this year. This is a perfectly reasonable view, but I just can’t imagine a playoff contender with both Tyreke and Cousins.

They share too much experience as the best players on a terrible team, and have a tendency to be black holes on offense. It has to be one or the other, and I’m riding with the big fella.

Now we wait on Mr. Stern.

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