Five reasons for Seattle to love Chris Hansen

What’s not to like?

Nobody around the Seattle sports scene knew who Chris Hansen was just a few short months ago and I think he preferred it that way.

For those who still don’t know, Chris Hansen is the man behind the plan to build an arena to bring the Sonics and the NBA back to Seattle, for good.

He’s stated that the idea of being anointed as anyone’s “hero” literally makes him physically ill in a live chat put on by The Seattle Times.

Well, unfortunately Mr. Hansen, you’re quickly becoming a hero to many of us, here are a few reasons why.

One of us…

Chris Hansen is one of us, literally.

He’s from the northwest, he grew up rooting for all things Seattle sports and that hasn’t changed. He’s as knowledgeable about the Sonics history as anyone and was in the seats at Key Arena until the end.

He wants this to happen more than any of us; the proof comes from his mouth and his checkbook every day.

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen is one of us. (Photo Kiro TV)


Anybody who’s followed the Seattle political scene as it pertains to sports facilities even remotely knows what you’re up against. There’s going to be opposition to a stadium or an arena being built even if it costs the public nothing.

Hansen has faced every bit of opposition carefully, methodically and with patience for even the most ignorant and uninformed opposing arguments against this arena plan.

He continues to do so each day and is even willing to spend more money on research to appease the harshest opposition, even if they keep complaining…

Conviction and optimism

This is a carefully thought out plan, one that Chris Hansen along with many impartial observers believe is the best plan the city of Seattle will ever see and Chris believes without a doubt that it will pass through the city and county councils.

He truly and genuinely feels that the Sonics are indeed coming back to Seattle. You can hear the calming conviction in his voice that tells me this is going to happen, that if he believes this much in the council’s decision having already been made for them with a flawless plan then I should too.

Furthermore, when asked by Dave “Softy” Mahler if he thought the chances were good that we would get an NBA team back in Seattle if the arena deal is approved he used the words, “yes, I think it’s inevitable that the NBA will return to Seattle”.

This statement tells me there’s much more going on behind the scenes to obtain a team to bring back as the Sonics, but we’ll talk about that at a later date.

For now, Chris Hansen believes in this plan, who are we to doubt him?

Comfortably outside of his comfort zone

Hansen, self admittedly has spent most of his adult life avoiding the spotlight. He’s not the type of guy that likes to be the focus of anything or anyone in the public eye. Well, if this arena plan has a chance, it needs a face.

Chris Hansen is that face.

He’s been on live chats with fans, he toured in studio with all of the radio stations around town and is always available to answer any questions that us fans, or any opposition to the deal have for him.

Clay Bennett

I was lied to by Clay and Howard. NOT again!

So far he’s approached all questions and comments with a sense of class that seems to be lost in this world today. If he’s uncomfortable being in the public eye like he says, then it sure doesn’t show.


Some talk about how the team (Sonics) will make their way back to Seattle, I try to vacate that thought from my mind.

The reason behind this is I remember how the Sonics left, I remember being lied to by Howard Schultz, Clay Bennett and our own local government.

We’re told expansion of the NBA isn’t a possibility in the timeframe that Chris Hansen and his investors are looking at, so on the surface it looks as if we in Seattle will be doing what Clay Bennett and Oklahoma City did to us.

I’m here to tell you that I just don’t see that as being the case.

Chris Hansen isn’t going to lie to anyone, his intentions are clearly laid out and I trust that whichever team moves here, the term “stolen” that I like to use in reference to the Sonics leaving will not be in anyone’s vocabulary at the time they arrive.

So, make your own conclusion on Chris Hansen, but I think he’s a hero, a saint and a visionary who is taking bringing our Sonics back very seriously and won’t sleep until his goal is accomplished.

Know that he won’t be able to do it by himself, he needs our help.

To figure out what you can do go to and follow Chris Hansen’s group on Twitter, @SonicsArena.

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  • I agree with everything you stated above. Lets help Mr. Hansen bring the Sonics back to Seattle, with the NHL.

    • Thanks Stephen, absolutely! We have to stay behind this thing, Mr. Hansen is giving a great gift to us all, especially to the City of Seattle and we have to make sure the councils know it. Thanks for reading.

  • Alekz W

    Well written article! I’m so thrilled and genuinely ecstatic at all of this stuff happening to make the Sonics a reality again… I’ve already like SonicsArena on Facebook and have emailed my representative strongly urging her to show support for this movement… hope all of those contrarian “NO MORE ARENA” know-it-alls actually read the proposal to see how it won’t burden tax payers… we’ll see though, because you’re right, patience is going to be key.

    • Thanks Alekz! Keep up the support an stay in the council members ears! I agree with you, awareness for the naysayers is key, I don’t understand how you can “strongly” oppose this deal. Thanks for reading.

  • uglyokiedecontaminator

    Great article. i just can’t bear seeing a picture of that ugly okie on the page though. Let’s pray we are safe from bloodthirsty okies coming up here and contaminating everything.

    Chris Hansen is the only one with any wherewithal for getting a team back. And, i read recently that Nordstroms will be backing him up. So, yay. i get my coffee from Nordstrom’s about everyday now.

    i am still ‘done’ with the nba, but i am supporting Chris Hansen; Weird position. It takes people like him to get stuff done. i’m glad it’s not going to be in Bellevue. He is ‘one of us.’

  • I love hypocrites. OKC takes Sonics. EVIL!!! Seattle takes Kings. GREAT!

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