Losing Kings record could land Seattle with number 1 pick

Restarting the legacy right

The Sacramento Kings are bad. Real bad. And Seattle will inherent that team if all goes as planned during the upcoming April NBA vote on the sale and relocation of the team.

This is good news Sonics fans!

Remember, it was just 6 short years ago when the Supes selected the future beast Kevin Durant to be the teams future in the 1st round, second overall.

That was the old Sonics, I know, but, this years upcoming draft will definitely have the Kings/Sonics franchise selecting a lottery pick once again.

What’s to say luck won’t be on our side, as this team (hopefully) will be beginning a new chapter, while building on an old one at the same time.

If the season ended today, the Kings sit as the team with the 5th worst record in the NBA.

Now, we all know that the team with the worst record has the best “chance” at winning the number 1 overall pick, but that never seems to be the case, does it?

With all of Seattle, and at least one person in Dallas (Mark Cuban) thinking that David Stern owes us a little something, the oft thought rigged selection could end up falling our way this time around.

Cody Zeller Indiana

Cody Zeller has the ability to be an offensive threat from the 4 or 5 spot (Photo: ESPN)

Or we could always hope that Portland lands the 1st overall selection and picks another boner like they always seem to do when in that position.

Anyways, here are two of the hopefuls that the Sonics could land, if they do indeed return to Seattle for the 2013/14 NBA season.

Cody Zeller, Indiana

With the lack of stability at the center position, the future Sonics could go with the big man out of Indiana with their first pick.

Current centers on the Kings roster aren’t much to talk about really; DeMarcus Cousins, who is a handful both on and off the court, and Cole Aldrich, who is averaging a whopping 1.7 ppg this year. Needless to say, the team needs some depth at this position.

Zeller could come in and be an immediate help on the offensive side of things.

At 6’11” he is the same height as both Cousins and Aldrich, but has a lot more upside because of his ability to hit the jump shot, and create plays while setting the screen. A double trouble type of offensive player for sure.

His defense is where his game lacks though, but if he were to run the floor with Cousins at the same time, his weaker frame wouldn’t be as much of a problem as the bulk of the shot blocking duties would lay on the shoulders of Cousins, who would be the true center on the floor.

Nerlens Noel Kentucky

Nerlins Noel has the defensive mind that will help this team succeed (Photo: USA Today)

Nerlens Noel, Kentucky

Another big man, same height as Zeller, but 15 lbs. lighter, has a bigger upside as a true center, or even a menacing power forward.

A shot blocker out of UK, and in the vain of his predecessor Anthony Davis, defense is the name of the game for Noel, which is needed badly with this club.

Of course Noel will need to bulk up a bit to contend with the other big men in the league, but his athleticism, quickness, and hops will give him a great starting point for his new team.

Defense wins championships, just take the San Antonio Spurs for example.

If the future Sonics want to be a force in the NBA, this is something that will need to be addressed immediately.

There are plenty of sharp shooters already on the team, Isaiah Thomas, Tyreke Evans, and Marcus Thornton to name a few, but what lacks is a consistent inside presence.

A change of scenery could be all it takes to curtail the aggressiveness of DeMarcus Cousins’ on and off court turmoil, if so, an added big man could push this team into a playoff contender.

It will be a few years, and some better management, before this team takes the NBA world by storm, but if the future management can capture a little of the thunder that the past management did, the Seattle Supersonics will be back on top of the professional basketball world.

And it all starts with this years upcoming draft.

Its time for the Sonics to fly high once again in the great northwest.

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