Who can it be now? Bring back the Seattle Supersonics…

Any takers?

Mr. Chris Hansen has done his damnedest to bring the Seattle Supersonics back home to the Emerald City.

The only problem is, no matter how hard he tries, they will neeeeeeeeeeeever, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever (Chris Jericho anyone?) be the same Supersonics team that relocated to Oklahoma City in 2009.


Because the Thunder have firmly planted roots in OKC and neither Clay (Backstabber) Bennett nor David Stern have any intention of uprooting the Western Conference Champions.

So who would be the new Supersonics?

An expansion team or a uprooted troubled franchise?

To be fair to the fans of the Supersonics, making them sit through the trials and tribulations of an expansion team would be heartbreaking, however on the flip side, it would be a team that they could call their own from the start instead of taking somebody’s sloppy seconds.

It’s a stretch to imagine that with the new CBA that any NBA team will be looking to relocate in the near future, but as fans have come to expect, you can never say never.

Will the devil himself, David Stern, even allow a team back in Seattle?

New Orleans Hornets

Just prior to the June draft, it was announced that Tom Benson, owner of the New Orleans Saints, has taken over ownership from the NBA.

Conspiracy or not, how nice would it have been if Seattle was granted a team that just received the number one overall draft pick to make up for getting kicked in the groin.

Sacramento Kings

Moving the Kings up the west coast a few hours from their current location at Power Balance Pavilion would be ideal if the Supersonics were to pick up a current NBA franchise.

With the Maloof brothers currently wavering on their role in the construction of a new arena (sound familiar?) for the Kings, it seems inevitable that the Sacramento franchise, despite Mayor Kevin Johnson’s best efforts may be on the move.

The Kings, a team full of youth and potential, would bring a dynamic duo of Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins to the Northwest, along with Seattle native and former Washington Husky, Isaiah Thomas.

Fans would fall in love with “Jimmermania” and praise the workman effort of Chuck Hayes.

Atlanta Hawks

Since 2005, the Hawks ownership group, the Atlanta Spirit LLC have created such a mess of both the Hawks and the Atlanta NHL team, that the Trashers were relocated to Winnipeg last season.

As far as the Hawks go, the team has been a playoff contender for the past five years, but any aspirations of a NBA championship come to a screeching halt after the first round.

The Hawks who recently shed Joe Johnson’s monster contract still have some intriguing pieces that would entice fan support.

Josh Smith (although he wants to be traded), Al Horford and Jeff Teague are an exciting trio for the team and community to build around.

Wouldn’t Monta Ellis and the Bucks team look a lot better in Green and Gold?

Milwaukee Bucks

Few expect Senator Herb Kohl to part with the Bucks, but previous rumors had the team on radar for new ownership.

Kohl has stated that he will not sell the team if the new owners plan on moving out of Wisconsin, but surely fans in Vancouver and Seattle have heard the same story and sometimes money talks.

The Bucks have been patient in rebuilding their roster to one that should be competing for a playoff seed next season and for years to come.

Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis make up one of the most explosive back courts in the league, while rookies John Henson and Doron Lamb join Samuel Dalembert as new faces in Milwaukee.

Expansion Team

If the NBA were to grant Seattle an expansion team, the league would have to award another city a franchise as well in order to balance the league at 32 teams.

While it would be a team that the Seattle fans could call their very own, the group of castoffs would provide little in terms of impressive talent.

Considering the last pair of expansion teams to hit the NBA ranks in 1995, Vancouver and Toronto fans will grimace at such names as Benoit Benjamin, Larry Stewart and Rodney Dent (Grizzlies) or Zan Tabak, Acie Earl and Andres Guibert (Raptors).

When you sit back and think about it, the only two names that have provided any impact on an expansion team since 1988 are Dell Curry (Charlotte Hornets) and Scott Skiles (Orlando Magic).

Quite honestly, the fans of Seattle deserve better than that.

So where does this leave Hansen and the plot of land that he has purchased in the SoDo district of Seattle?

Chances are that the only way the city of Seattle will see a NBA franchise in the future is through expansion as the four clubs listed above were the only ones that appeared to be in any sort of position to be sold or relocated and at this point they aren’t going anywhere.

Which leaves expansion.

Considering the number of water downed franchises that are already part of the NBA standings and with players vying to create “superteams”, it will be a while before the commissioner approves two new pieces of meat to be thrown to the dogs.


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  • Lance

    The NBA is not likely to leave New Orleans, they have been on a mission to stay there since Katrina. Not to mention a new ten year lease and an new owner unlikely to sell or move the team.

    Sacramento probably should be the one if only market size and ownership competence was considered but the NBA would like to see the cities that put forth the political capital to keep the team do so. Sending them to Seattle means the city that passed legislation to use public funds for an arena loses and the one that refuses to do so for the NBA on many times wins. Not a precedent they want since it can be political suicide if it becomes a pattern.

    Atlanta Hawks? Seattle being placed in the south-east division, how many years will it take to get that fixed. The shortest conference flight will be four hours, the division flights will be five to six hours long. On second though this may be the only team stern would allow out of spite.

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