NBA Board of Governors votes against Sacramento relocation to Seattle

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Before David Stern took to the podium to deliver the news, Sam Amick had something that provided at least some closure on the Sacramento and Seattle Supersonics saga.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times then followed with this:

A huge victory for the city of Sacramento, the NBA Board of Governors voted 22-8 against relocation. And while that was a tough blow for Seattle fans to soak in, today was much more than trying to get the Kings, it was also a day when we could potentially hear about the likelihood of NBA expansion into Seattle.

“This is going to be short, I have a game to get to in Oklahoma City”, opened David Stern.

Well that’s nice, F’ you too… “….the appropriate outcome was to keep the outcome in Sacramento…We look forward to continue a dialogue of some type..with the citizens or owners in Seattle”

Yet another blow to Seattle, Stern continued talking about expansion, noting that there was “nothing concrete to report with respect to an NBA franchise in Seattle at this time.”

In terms of who the Maloofs would sell the Kings to, as the current owners have always wanted to sell to Seattle, Stern did mention that he wanted to persuade the Maloofs to sell to the Sacramento group within 24-48 hours.


The NBA BOG denied Sacramento’s relocation today.

“Our promise of fair dealing and ultimate consideration down the road,” said Stern in relation to the NBA’s future dealings with Seattle.

Chris Hansen and the Seattle group presented to the BOG first, with Steve Ballmer not in attendance due to obligations with Microsoft. Despite his absence, Hansen’s presentation reportedly lasted around 30 minutes and the group came out with a positive vibe surrounding them, as reported by various reporters in attendance. They did not speak with the media at the time but George Maloof did come out and told the crowd of reporters that “Chris did a great job”. And who would expect anything less?

Hansen has been completely outstanding in his pursuit of Sacramento. Always being up front with the NBA and Sacramento with what he was planning to do, he assembled one of the best ownership groups the league has seen and pledged financial backing that would easily set a record. Working with the city of Seattle and other officials to secure a plan for a new NBA arena in the SODO area, Hansen and the rest of the Seattle group efficiently laid out their proposals and quickly became fan favorites.

Sacramento’s group, led by Vivek Ranadive and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, presented second. Taking around 45 minutes to make their presentation, the media also reported that Johnson looked confident coming out of his presentation, though he also declined to comment on the matter.

The NBA Board of Governors then came out for a short break before returning to the room to further debate on the matter, ultimately coming to the decision that the Kings would remain in Sacramento.

This decision was made after a long and arduous process for two cities who fought very hard for something they are extremely passionate about.

And while there were plenty of jabs thrown back and forth between Seattle and Sacramento fans, there was a nice moment between fans of both sides, as a contingent of Kings and Sonics supporters showed up outside of the meetings and took some moments to shake hands, talk about their journey to Dallas, and take a few candid shots for the press.

Not all interactions between Seattle and Sacramento supporters were cordial, however, as a one-time journalist turned assistant to Kevin Johnson turned “Crisis Response, Media, Internal and External Communication” specialist for himself decided to take some late jabs at the Sonics’ supporters.

R.E. Graswich, you have the floor:

Obviously Seattle fans on social media didn’t take lightly to this, quickly flooding Graswich with messages that highlighted a passion their city had for bringing an NBA team back.

And yet Graswich persisted, this time quoting an article from The Seattle Times that talked about officials who did not really support a new arena. Still flooding him with attacks, Seattle supporters on social media continued to be relentless.

It is important to note, in this context, that R.E. Graswich was once quoted as saying, “Right now the mood is good riddance” in relation to how the city of Sacramento felt about the Kings.

And he called Seattle soft? Hmm…

It’s been a trying day for fans of the Sonics and Kings, but after a long wait, the NBA has decided that the Sacramento group has done everything asked of them while voting against relocation.


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