Thunder use ‘Can’t Hold Us’, Seattle’s Macklemore fires back

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One of the most renowned, if not the most renowned, rap artists in the world today is Seattle’s own Macklemore (Ben Haggerty). Alongside producer Ryan Lewis, Macklemore and his company of artists and musicians have quickly become one of the key groups in the international music industry.

Breaking away from the empty-message style of rap that really dominated the genre for awhile, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis really bring an emotion back to rapping that has been devoid as of late.

And while he is now known all around the world for hits like Thrift Shop, Same Love, and Can’t Hold Us, Seattle residents and northwest natives will always know him as the homegrown sensation fighting for his city and a greater cause.

Growing up in Seattle, the 29-year old rap sensation does not hide the love he has for his city or the Sonics. Whether it be speaking his mind about the area he grew up in or some of the issues surrounding the region, Macklemore has been emphatic about his support for the city of Seattle.

A big Seattle sports fan as well, he has expressed his support for the Seattle Mariners, Supersonics, and Seahawks. Releasing a song titled My Oh My to honor the late and great Dave Niehaus, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis eventually received a custom-named jersey with a patch on them that is generally reserved for players.

Macklemore has been vocal about his support for Seattle. (

Macklemore has been vocal about his support for Seattle. (

Aside from vocalizing his support for Seattle sports teams, Macklemore is also a good friend of Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and has been an avid supporter of bringing the Supersonics back.

Performing at the Sonics’ rally that was held awhile back, Macklemore recently showed his support for the Sonics’ cause at Seattle’s ‘We Day’, an event geared towards educating teens about better morals and group cohesiveness.

And though the issue of the Kings’ relocation is currently on the minds of just about every resident of Seattle and Sacramento, Macklemore has taken to to social media to voice his discontent for the way the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team that was formerly the Sonics, have been using his hit Can’t Hold Us to hype up their crowd.

Yes, people, the irony is just too much.

Most of the time you’d expect a rapper to be thrilled that a venue is using their music at high-profile sporting events. That is definitely not the case here, and it is easy to see why.

Oklahoma City, Clay Bennett, and David Stern (as well as a few more key members from the NBA and city of Seattle) ripped the Sonics out of our city and sent them packing for the wondrous OKC. Obviously we didn’t take kindly to that and still hold a big grudge against that organization. Macklemore, as mentioned previously, has been very active in his support for the Sonics and Seattle sports.

So I’m not sure who decided to actually play this song at a Thunder game and whether or not they were smart enough to comprehend the irony behind it, but whoever they are, I hope they know they are a complete idiot.

That was our team that you ripped away

That was our team that you ripped away

It may sound stupid to be bickering over a song that is internationally renowned, but it is so much more than that. It’s Macklemore.

This is Seattle’s artist and one of the city’s many prides. That was our team that you ripped away from us.

It’s almost inconceivable the amount of stupid that went into that move.

Though they may have not intended it (although with the way that organization has dealt with the city of Seattle I wouldn’t be surprised if it was intentional), but it was almost yet another shot to the gut for us Sonics fans, especially during a time when we are nearing the final stages of figuring out whether or not we’ll see an NBA team again next year.

Just as Oklahoma City did with the Sonics, they are now using another product of Seattle to benefit their organization (though it is great to see that they can’t manage to find a way around the Memphis Grizzlies).

You’ve taken our team, tried to take away our championship, and are now pulling a boneheaded move by using music from our greatest and world-renowned artist to try and hype your pitiful arena.

Come up with something original, please.

I’m sick of you.


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