Death threats for OKC Thunder shirts are alright in my book

Rednecks really aren’t that funny

By now, all of you have seen the design of the Oklahoma Thunder t-shirts that mock the Seattle Supersonics logo on the front, with a very snide “Thank you Seattle, OKC” written on the back.

I’m a man who always likes a little sarcasm in my sports, but this shirt has gone too far I think. In fact I know it has.

I remember my first foray into the world of Yardbarker, it came on a forum right after the Sonics made their move to Oklahoma. I was arguing my point with someone, and he, out of nowhere said “Next we will take your Mariners, and Seahawks too!”

I was so angry that I had to shut my computer off. I was seriously pissed off at that comment, shaking, and ready to fight that SOB right there on the spot.

Sarcasm is one thing, but being down right mean about a city losing their franchise is completely different.

The fuel for hatred

The folks in Oklahoma City really have nothing to be proud of. Just like the American settlers, they stole what was rightfully not theirs, publicized it as their own, and are now reaping the benefits of it.

This pending championship still belongs to the city of Seattle, the fans of Seattle, and the Seattle Supersonics. Too bad many people, myself included, will not root for this monster in the dust bowl.

It’s just sickening, isn’t it (

We all have the coffee master himself to blame for all of this, Howard Schultz. He is the man who decided to sell our team to a pack of greedy inbreds in Oklahoma instead of trying to figure out a new stadium deal in Seattle.

And here I thought that entrepreneurial millionaires got that way by not folding when the going got tough.

Oh well, the past is the past, and now we have the fortune of looking forward to a new building in town, and the hopes of bringing our beloved Sonics back one day. No thanks to Mr. Shultz.

National attention

The shirts, which have been around since the inception of the Thunder, first made national headlines on Monday with a series of Tweets about the impending death threats from them. Here is a list of the Tweets.

I guess the only good thing about the shirts is that the people in Oklahoma City didn’t try to take credit for the Space Needle too, they left that part of our logo out of the t-shirt design.

The company, who I will not mention as they do not deserve any of my promotion for them, pulled the shirts after the death threats, and national attention of them.

The death threats, though probably not sincere, were well justified in my book. Slander is no joke. I guess I am just as guilty of it by calling all Oklahomans rednecks, and inbreds, when in fact I know that number is only 57%.

But anyways, I do hope that Clay Bennett burns in hell for this stunt that he pulled with our Sonics. And better yet, I hope that the way he gets there is when they are hanging the championship banner in the rafters, and his crane falls right on top of him.

Talk about poetic justice.


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  • thunderrightthefuckup

    they say living well is the best revenge. and i smile knowing OKC got your goat. and look what we did with your lousy sonics: made them into a championship caliber franchise. we brought them back to profitability, drafted well and built a winning team. one that has a fan base and city who actually support them.

    be as mad as you’d like: if you and your city really supported the team, they’d still be there. this is, 100%, seattle’s own fault.

    thanks for everything.

    • i said thunder the fuck up!

      and christ, you think death threats are an appropriate response to a t shirt?! talk about your disproportionate responses. the more seattlers act this way, the more dignity you sacrifice. isn’t it bad enough you lost your team…do you really have to act like total crybaby idiots about it too? it’s embarrassing.

      • Anonymous

        The only idiots I see are the two commentators above me. Although I don’t condone death threats, I also don’t condone ignorance and downright idiocy, in which you two morons fit that bill. Also, don’t give me that “you should’ve supported them” BS. That’s probably the stupidest thing to say. Educate yourself by watching “Sonicsgate” before mouthing your ignorant mouths.

        • gettingthebestof you

          a. keep calling us names. the more you want to degrade us, the more you’ve admitted “morons,” “rednecks” and “idiots” emotionally defeated you.

          you. personally. we get all the best of you. and you’re so pathetic you just broadcast that fact to the universe. you’re the loudest loser i’ve ever met.

          b. your city disapproved a new arena for the fact the sonics were not a big enough draw to justify it. not even with Microsoft paying half. you hate bennett for just buying a team. yeah he’s such a dick for having the money and prowess to buy a dying franchise and turn it into something fantastic. sonics were hemorrhaging money. now they are a huge draw in every facet–bringing the NBA finals watch to the highest rating ever in history.

          all the proof is on the table: moving the team to OKC was the best thing for them. the stats, the numbers, and the history proves that. i’m sorry you gave away your team, but that was your decision. don’t hate us for accepting the thing you didn’t want.

  • Clay Bennett Jr

    The problem is this: you shut your computer instead of fighting back. Which in striking irony is why you lost your beloved team. You didn’t man up. You didn’t attend enough games. You whined a little to late. You pacified a lot to much. You allowed your glaring and insufferable indifference to occlude all thought process. Your team was in the red. Period. So it was sold. How in your right mind did you think the new owners would continue to allow their investment to starve without doing something about it.? Your bluff was called. And Bennett had all the chips in the end. And don’t cry about how business has ruined the game of basketball when you are now seeking investment from a certain party to get the new arena going. Do you think he is going to sit on his dwindling pot of gold if the new team becomes financially incompetent? No he will sell the motherfucker as fast as a pig rolling in mud( I’m a redneck right?). So, you played a game that was over your head and you got beat. Live and learn. Treat your new better than her older sister. Man up before its too late and buy a fucking ticket.

  • Lawrence

    “I don’t condone death threats.”
    title of article: “Death Threats Okay in my Book.”

    please use part of the more than 400 million dollars Oklahoma gave Seattle to buy yourself a dictionary. For someone who fanciest themself a writer, you sure have a pretty loose handle on the meaning of words.

    • Clinton

      I have one thank you. And where exactly do you get the “I don’t condone death threats” part. I, in no way, shape, or form give any sympathy to the sick bastards trying to make a buck off of somebody else’s misery. Maybe for someone who fancies himself a reader, you should learn how to spell, and how to keep your dilusions in your head.

  • Thunderstruck

    Your pissed and moaned a little to late. You only wanted to back up the BEST DAMN TEAM when you were losing them. To bad little baby. Maybe next time.

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