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Don’t believe for a second that Seattle Supersonics fans no longer exist. This NBA franchise played 40 strong years in the NBA from 1967-68 to 2007-08.

It won six division titles, three Western Conference titles, and an NBA Championship in 1979.

Seattle SuperSonics

It lives on as the Oklahoma City Thunder. (Thanks Clay Bennett)

It’s already been determined that any new franchise appearing in Seattle will gain the rights to the Supersonics logo, colors and history. In other words, the Sonics are NOT dead. They’re just resting, waiting for their triumphant return.

Seattle Supersonics Thru the Years

The Sonics have been privileged to employee many legendary players over the years. The Late 1960s were led by Hall-of-Famer Lenny Wilkens, who went on to coach the team.

The 1979 Sonics, who won the NBA title against Washington, were led by Dennis Johnson, another Hall-of-Famer. The NBA Finals MVP was known for his phenomenal defense.

If you’re a more modern Sonics fan, you probably look back fondly on the 1990s. Who could forget the Rain Main himself, Shawn Kemp, and his years of emphatic throwdowns?

There was great guard Nate McMillan and sharpshooter Detlef Schrempf on board, too. And, most of all, there was Gary Payton, the franchise’s all-time leader in games, minutes, points, assists, and steals.

This team reached the 1996 NBA Finals after winning a franchise-record 64 games but fell to the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls.

The 2000s saw more great players pass through Seattle, like Ray Allen, and the team drafted current NBA superstar Kevin Durant.

Then, the Sonics said goodbye to Seattle. In 2008, Durant and company shipped off to Oklahoma City.

The way we Sonics fans see it, the NBA has unfinished business in Seattle. The team has more championships to win and needs to retire Gary Payton’s number.

That’s why it’s only a matter of time before the Sonics are back with a vengeance.

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