Safeties Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas coming up big for Seahawks

Seahawks Safety Hazards

In 2010, the Seahawks drafted 2 safeties in the first and fifth rounds of the NFL draft.  Earl Thomas came first, fresh off a star college career at the University of Texas.  Then came Cam Chancellor, a hard hitting Virginia Tech Hokie.  This was a step in the right direction for the Seahawks as they spent much of the previous seasons getting torched with long passes, poor coverage, and atrocious tackling.  Bringing these two safeties in was going to change the landscape of the Seattle defense, and they have.

So far this season, Thomas and Chancellor have combined for 34 tackles between the two of them, with Thomas registering 15 and Chancellor registering 19 after week 2.  The Seattle defense has only allowed 2 passes of 20+ yards and those came from blown coverage and poor bump and run defense by the cornerbacks.  This is what Seahawks fans have been praying for after seeing the defensive secondary constantly lose games by giving up the deep ball in past seasons. This year they are both playing like men possessed.

The drafting of Earl Thomas was semi-controversial.  If you’ll remember, Pete Carroll chose Thomas over the safety he coached while at USC, Taylor Mays. 

Carroll’s reasoning and logic were sound, saying that although Taylor Mays could hit and cover the field, he was not the ballhawk that Earl Thomas was.  And he was right.  Since then, Earl Thomas has excelled in every aspect, being compared this season to Troy Polamalu of the Steelers and Bob Sanders of the Colts.  Taylor Mays on the other hand, was recently traded from the 49ers to the Bengals for next to nothing for his lackluster performance in San Francisco.

Earl Thomas From The University of Texas

Thomas was originally drafted and expected to be the Seahawks ‘safety net’ with the ability to keep people in front of him and run them down if needed.  He is so much more than that.  He is a ballhawk, involved in almost every play on the field, whether he makes the tackle or not.  He has routinely come from one sideline to the opposite sideline to make a play.  He makes plays at the line of scrimmage and even in the backfield where safeties don’t usually end up.  He is everything you want in a safety and more.

Then you have Kam Chancellor.  When the Seahawks drafted him, it seemed they intended him to be a hard hitting linebacker type.  Someone to cover the middle of the field and try and knock some balls loose or some heads off.  He has gone above and beyond that this season, covering the field like Thomas and making some spectacular tackles.  He plays deep like Thomas now and is just as capable of making some exceptional plays.  He prides himself on being involved in plays and has showed it so far this season.

If you’ve listened to the games on the radio or seen the television broadcasts of the games, you know what I’m talking about.  Thomas and Chancellor’s names are called on almost every defensive play during the game, making stops or slowing opponents down.

Seattle is already know for being a rainy city, but with this thunder and lightning combo, you can be sure Century Link Field will house a lot of stormy weather for opponents this season.



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