Will Percy Harvin play again this season?

Tough to know

The man that was essentially the Seattle Seahawks No. 1 draft pick this year, Percy Harvin, has touched the ball just twice this season and both plays were something special.

It’s reasonable to wonder if he will play at all in the remaining four games of the regular season, or even in the playoffs.

I don’t want to debate whether or not the Seahawks need Percy Harvin to win the Super bowl or in any other game.  Clearly they have demonstrated that Harvin is not a necessity to winning a game, and quite frankly, I think the Seahawks can win any game, on any field, without him.

Pete Carroll must be smart when it comes to Percy Harvin.

Pete Carroll must be smart when it comes to Percy Harvin. (Photo: Getty Images)

Still, the Seahawks are a better team with Harvin on the field.  No one could ever deny that.  He brings a level of athleticism that is rarely seen anywhere in the NFL, let alone on the Seattle’s roster.

Pete Carroll has chosen his words very wisely when it comes to discussing Harvin’s status for a game.  Words like, “We’ll have to wait and see” or “We’ll know more after tomorrow” and “Were going to be careful with him” have been commonplace when Carroll has been asked about Harvin’s status.

Harvin has stated he’s anxious to come back on more than one occasion.  It just remains to be seen if he can.

Prior to the game in San Francisco, Harvin had a “little procedure” done, to quote Pete Carroll.  It was widely reported that he got a cortisone shot after he still had soreness in his hip two weeks after playing against Minnesota.

So far, he has not practiced since.  There is talk he will try to practice this week in anticipation of the game in NY.

I’m just not convinced at this point that Harvin could be truly ready to come back from that hip surgery.  I think he talked his way into the Minnesota game before he was ready and is now paying the price for it.

Hip surgery isn’t  easy to recover from.  Hip injuries are about as serious as it gets for athletes, as a hip injury on a play that looked like nothing destroyed the career of one of the greatest athletes to ever live, Bo Jackson.

I know Seattle is in a hurry to get Harvin on the field.  The fans want to see him.  Harvin himself is desperate to play.  It’s like having a $500,000 Ferrari in the garage but having your mechanic tell you not to drive it because it’s got a bad suspension that needs to be fixed. 

Sure it will run, and will be fun to drive, but you’ll likely do more damage to it if you don’t wait to get it fixed.

This is a $67 million investment the Seahawks have in Harvin.  If it were me, I wouldn’t take it out for a spin at this point.  Pete Carroll has to be smarter than he was in the Minnesota game.

The Seahawks will be better served in the long run if they have Harvin hang it up until next preseason.


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