5 Reasons why the Seahawks should be featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

Picture Perfect

For 6 of the last 12 years, HBO has delivered a very popular football series entitled “Hard Knocks” where they follow an NFL team around and show the behind the scenes footage of preparation and personalities of the teams.

It shows the trials and tribulations of the team behind closed doors and their preparation for the upcoming NFL season.

In the past, the series have followed the Ravens, Cowboys (twice), Chiefs, Bengals and Jets.

It seems they are having trouble finding teams this season who are interested in participating in the show. Only the Jacksonville Jaguars have expressed great interested this season.

Little does HBO know that the best team for the 2012 season of Hard Knocks is located in the Pacific Northwest.

The Seattle Seahawks are the perfect team for Hard Knocks.

Let me tell you why.

5. Playing Like the Big Boys

The Seahawks, despite their lack of division titles or winning records, have shown the NFL the last few years that they are a force to be reckoned with. When they are playing on all cylinders, they are as lethal as can be in this league and they have proven it.

Though injuries ravaged the team last season, they still went on to beat the likes of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, the hard-nosed Baltimore Ravens and the “Dream Team” Philadelphia Eagles.

HBO Hard Knocks

The Seahawks would be a perfect fit for Hard Knocks

This opportunity would show the world that the Seahawks have the talent and the attitude to compete with the best of them. And if they can put it together with minimal static in the process, Seattle will be mentioned with the big boys next year.

4. Hard Knocks

It’s appropriate to steal the show’s title for this category. If the Seahawks are featured, they would be able to show the league their pride and joy known as the impressive Seattle defense that rattled so many teams last year.

And with injuries going away and new players on the roster, the defense could be even better this season. Scratch that…the defense WILL be better this season. That’s a scary thought.

And while you might think of it as telegraphing and letting teams figure you out, you need to think of it in realistic terms.

Just like a freight train or Beast Mode taking a handoff…you know they’re coming at you, but you still need to stop it. And nobody will stop this defense.

3. Showing Off

The Seahawks could use the opportunity as a showcase to show big ticket free agents that Seattle is a place they want to be. By showing Pete Carroll and his staff whipping this team into shape, it would be painfully obvious how much players love to play for him and his staff.

Showing Tom Cable turn a nobody into a starting lineman or Ken Norton Jr. teaching a rookie how to knock someone’s head off legally or Chris Carlisle pushing a linebacker to be able to lift a lineman could seriously impress some people.

They could also use Hard Knocks to tease other players in the league and show off their brand new uniforms. It may seem like a moot point to some, but if you knew how jealous a lot of the players in the league are over the Seahawks uniform makeovers, you wouldn’t question this logic.

It may push some to add Seattle to their wish list next season.

And lastly, what better way to show off the training facilities than to use the show as a platform? Who wouldn’t secretly yearn to play on the sparkling shores of Lake Washington after they get a glimpse of the VMAC?

Browner, Sherman, Baldwin

Who wouldn't enjoy seeing these guys on HBO?

2. Competition

It would be a true showcase of the Seahawks talent and depth on the biggest stage if the team were on Hard Knocks. With so many open competitions for major roster spots, this has the making to be quite the epic battle all around at training camp.

Who wins the starting QB job? Hell, who earns a QB job period with 4 quarterbacks under contract that this team loves?

Who wins starting linebacker positions with K.J. Wright and Malcolm Smith returning versus incoming Bobby Wagner and Barrett Ruud among others?

Who will earn a WR roster spot with so many currently on the squad?

And most importantly…who will be the kicker next season? Steven Hauschka or Carson Wiggs?

That’s the true burning question.

1. Pure Entertainment

What I would find most interesting, as I think many others would, is the fact that this team already has Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode. And now they drafted Robert Turbin aka The Incredible Hulk to back him up.

Both have incredible and hilarious personalities and would put on quite the show. Add in the cast of characters in the backfield with Michael Robinson and Leon Washington and you have a laugh track based on them alone.

They could show the cocky, chip on his shoulder Richard Sherman badmouthing receivers he will shut down next season.

They could show Doug Baldwin trashing Jim Harbaugh and devising his plan to put him to shame this year. They could show Big Red Bryant be as humble and country as ever.

They could show Ricardo Lockette talking about Channel 83.

The point is, no matter where you look in this Seahawks locker room, you are bound to crack a smile.

With the friendships these guys have developed with each other and their coaches and the never ending competition this team is going through, you will not be disappointed one but by seeing the Seattle Seahawks on HBO this fall.


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  • boooo!

    really bad idea for them to be on that aside for exposure for our facilities and the area its not what this young, transitioning franchise needs at all. build a proven winning product then talk to hbo about making a joke outta whats a highly important stretch of weeks for any team. pete needs to stay outta the limelight and our team needs to become cohesive on both sides of the ball. consistently.

    • I see your point, but I still think it would be pretty cool. Just like prime time games, they may feed off the exposure and come out looking really good. They have had douchey teams in the past with big egos, but this team doesn’t seem to have that at all.

  • Seahawks2012

    Not booo!
    Even if this is a bad idea, it still shows MUCH enthusiasm! I agree with both…The Seahawks should have an exciting season, but maybe we’re a year away from r e a l l y competing. 8-8 this year? 9-7? I LOVE the Hawks, the Coaches, players, etc! If we can stay healthy and get a big push from the new players, we will be just fine…How about 10-6 with a great year from Flynn, Lynch, Rice, Baldwin, the Defense, O-line and special teams…It’s asking a lot, but going into 2013, we could be a dark horse…Peace out to all, and too all a good fight!

    • I think this year will definitely be exciting and an improvement over the last 2 seasons. If the team can stay healthy, they can easily challenge San Francisco to get our Division Title back. And I do believe 10-6 is very attainable next season despite the gauntlet they’;; have to run through.

  • HawkAndRoll

    The Falcons have been picked for the show already. A handful of teams expressed interest and the Seahawks were not one of them.

    • Well we know that now that it’s officially public. A fan can dream, though, right? I still think they were good reasons.

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