Who Is The Next Seattle Seahawks Head Coach?

Conspiracy?  Is There Already A Deal?

The Seattle Seahawks have been to the playoffs the last four years.  The middle two of those four years, they went to the Super Bowl.  All of this has happened under the watch of Pete Carroll, the Seahawks seemingly ageless, energetic coach.

Pete Carroll

“It’s not how you start, it is how you finish”  Could Carroll be finished after 2016?

Pete Carroll is probably is the most beloved coach the city of Seattle has ever embraced in any sport, at any point in time.  He brought the city of Seattle its first ever Lombardi Trophy after all. 

Nothing lasts forever and with Tom Coughlin stepping down from the head coaching position in New York, Carroll is now the oldest active head coach in the NFL.  Now, Coughlin might still coach again but either way, Carroll is no spring chicken and his contract has just the 2016 season remaining on it.

Allow me to throw this out there for a minute:

What coach, who has been as successful and as revered as Carroll has been, would play out the final year of his contract without an extension being in place before hand if he intended on coaching beyond that final year?

I just don’t think any coach would.  Now, it is still just January.  The Seahawks might very well go ahead and extend Carroll’s deal during the offseason.  I’d give them to around April 1st to get an extension done otherwise I think it won’t happen.

If they don’t extend Carroll’s deal by then I think it says something big, and it’s something that Seahawks fans might not want to hear–  Pete Carroll is retiring after the 2016 season.

Mora was hired as Seattle's head coach before Holmgren left.

Mora was hired as Seattle’s head coach before Holmgren left.

As soon as you accept and digest that idea, think about this one–  Who’s next in the head coaching chair for the Seattle Seahawks?  Do they go outside the organization and hire a guy?  Do they promote from within?

Could it be that the decision has already been made?

Think about it.  It’s not unreasonable to think this decision has already been discussed.  Team owner, Paul Allen even has a track record of making a guy the head coach before the current one departs.  Of course the decision to do that with Jim Mora didn’t work out very well as he was a one and done coach but still, Allen has thought that way before.  It’s not reasonable to think he’d do it again.

Let’s assume two things just for fun right now.  First, Pete Carroll retires following the 2016 NFL season.  Second, Paul Allen already has his replacement in mind.  Now, who in the Seattle Seahawks organization could the Hawks possibly tap to fill that role?

It seems like they are fresh out of candidates.  All of their defensive coordinators have already been hired away by other NFL teams to be head coaches.  They are out of head coaching candidates, or are they?

What about the one coach on the Seahawks staff that despite all the Seahawks success, and multiple interviews for head coaching vacancies has stayed on with the Seahawks as Pete Carroll’s right hand man?

Yes, folks, I’m talking about Darrell Bevell, the coach the Seahawks fans love to hate, and give very little credit to, even when things go right.

Darrell Bevell

Darell Bevell, your 2017 Seattle Seahawks Head Coach.

Why is it that Bevell is still here?  He’s done amazing things with the development of multiple offensive players, including Russell Wilson.  You could easily argue that Bevell has just as much, if not more success than either Dan Quinn or Gus Bradley, both former Seahawks defensive coordinators turned NFL head coaches.

To use Wilson’s line— Why not Darrell?

He’s had countless interviews for those positions.  He’s got the resume, the track record, and the experience yet he’s still in Seattle.  Hmm, maybe, just maybe, he’s staying because he’s the next head coach of the Seahawks!

While I’m almost certain some of you are vomiting at this point, I’m not going to back down from this point.  This is a very realistic scenario that we’ve seen play out in Seattle before and it happens to fit all of the current available information.  It’s perfectly plausible that this is exactly what is going to happen.

If you want to come up with your own theory, feel free.  Until then, let the title, “Head Coach, Darrell Bevell” resonate in your mind for a while.  You might grow to like it.

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