Welcome to Seattle Bruce Irvin…West Virginia outside linebacker

The Seahawks draft starts here

With the Seattle Seahawks first selection of the 2012 NFL Draft they Select Bruce Irvin

Scouts Grade 83: 6’3″ 245lbs Bruce Irvin

On April 22, 2010 (Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s first draft) you could look at the Seattle Seahawks roster and see nothing but holes that needed to be filled and empty cupboards. They could easily chose the best player available because no matter what position that happened to be it would be one of need.

Fast forward to today, April 26th, 2012 (the year of the 12th man) and there are more answers to those holes then there are questions about how they are going to fill the missing pieces. Despite back to back 7-9 seasons the team has been making significant progress over the course of the last two off-seasons.

As with any team in the NFL there are always holes that need to be plugged and the Seahawks are no different.

In order to acquire more draft pick the Seahawks traded from the 12th overall pick to the 15th and added a 4th round and a 6th round pick in this years draft. The Eagles chose Fletcher Cox defensive tackle out of Mississippi State.

My top two players slotted to the Seahawks (Ingram and DeCastro) were still available at that point in the draft and I was not in favor of trading the pick away. But after the Cardinals selected Michael Floyd I knew one of the two players would still be an option for the Seahawks at 15, possibly both.

Bruce Irwin

Bruce Irvin the SHOCKER of the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Courtesy PCJS

Then the St. Louis Rams selected Michael Brockers defensive tackle LSU and I changed my tune and realized the trade was brilliant.

But then……..

The Seahawks were on the Clock:

Today the Seahawks have filled one of their biggest needs when they drafted Bruce Irvin defensive end West Virginia with the 15th overall selection.

Out of West Virginia he is a sack specialist who should have been available much later in the draft. He explodes off the line and is all go, so the Century Link crowd will love him on third downs.

By drafting this youngster the team has upgraded the defensive end position but I don’t see him as near the player Melvin Ingram is, nor does he have near the upside that Quinton Coples has.

He is a liability in the running game and will likely be used in passing situations to spell Red Bryant.

For the first time I can remember I am absolutely stunned and speechless.

Yes, they filled a need but I could name 5 players at his position that were available that I would have selected long before him.

This was exactly the type of move I was expecting.

Now the Seahawks have 7 picks left this year.

First round: No. 15 overall From Eagles
Second round: 11th, 43rd overall
Third round: 11th, 75 overall
Fourth round: 10th, 106th overall
Fourth Round: 19th, 114th overall
No Fifth round pick
Sixth round: 12th, No 181 overall
Sixth round: 2nd, 172 overall
Seventh round: 225th overall


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  • Woodster

    seattle really blew there first round pick me as a fan for over twnety five years disgusted

    • NWSportsBeat

      watch some of the video on this kid like I have for the last 2 hours. You’ll probably come around on your thinking.

  • I can see what you like about the kid. He’s and elite pass rusher but that is it. He’s a liability in the running game and between that and the worries about his off the field trouble. I still 15th overall is too high to draft a part time player. Now it’s up to him to prove me wrong. I hope he does. 

  • Brett

    Excuse me for putting University in the wrong place, don’t worry it is the last time I’ll care where he went to college. He’s a pro now and that’s what matters.
    I’m glad that the West Virginia University fans like him. I do too as a pass rusher I just don’t value one dimensional players in the first round. Other people do and that’s why the Seahawks had to grab him there. It shows the state of the league as it pertains to the passing game. I’m happy with the pick and believe he will be a Pro Bowl type player.

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