Welcome Back! Michael Robinson returns to Seattle

What will change?

All signs pointed toward former starting Seahawks full back Michael Robinson returning to the Seattle Seahawks this week, and that’s just what happened. He’ll possibly even play Monday Night in St. Louis.


What can the 30 year old former clubhouse leader bring to the 2013 version of the Seahawks?

On the Field

In uniform and on the field Michael Robinson is a proven full back with all the skills you could ask for in a guy that plays that position.  Robinson is a great lead blocker for Marshawn Lynch.

While it’s tough to argue that Lynch has run the ball poorly for the Seahawks this year the run game should improve with Robinson leading the way.

Near the end of pre-season Robinson was informed he was being let go in favor of younger, cheaper players in Derrick Coleman and Spencer Ware who are now both banged up.  Even when they were healthy both were not nearly as effective clearing the first defender for Marshawn Lynch.

Michael Robinson

A healthy Michael Robinson could make the already potent Seattle run game even more dangerous.

There’s just too many times I’ve witnessed Lynch getting hit by the first defender who was missed or came off the full back block too easily.   A healthy Michael Robinson could make the already potent Seattle run game even more dangerous.

Both Ware and Coleman have average hands at best.  Yes, they have caught some balls on check down throws but Robinson has the knack for slipping out of pass protection and leaking to the open part of the field and somehow staying invisible to the defense while doing it.

Robinson back in that role helps a Seahawk team that has struggled to protect Russell Wilson.

Off the Field

In the locker room or on the sidelines might be where Michael Robinson plays his best game.  He has long been revered for his leadership to the younger players that make up the majority of the Seahawk roster.

Russell Wilson is a natural born leader but even he can’t do it all. 

Robinson is going to be a very welcomed returning player, coach and mentor to many of his teammates.

Who’s out?

You don’t get to add players at will in the NFL.  53 is the roster limit and someone had to go.

As far as running and full backs are concerned, Seattle already had a big number of players in that category.  5 of them to be exact- Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, Christine Michael, Spencer Ware and Derrick Coleman.

I honestly couldn’t see Seattle keeping 6 backs so unfortunately for Ware he was put on IR with that nagging foot injury. (High ankle sprains)


Derrick Coleman just hurt his hamstring in Arizona.  Hopefully his injury is not going to have him out for long, he has done quite well in his 8-15 snaps per game…

Strangely Christine Michael has seen precious few snaps in games.  Pete Carroll has been asked about this in more than one press conference and his answer is consistent – He’s still learning the offense.

Okay, it’s week 7.  Michael has had all of the camps and preseason too.  Is the offense really that hard to learn or is something else wrong?  It raises an eyebrow of suspicion at least.

While I’ve heard nothing confirmed, I’ve heard some chatter that Robert Turbin could be traded, possibly to Dallas.

That would be shocking but it does free up a roster spot (Possibly when Harvin is activated) depending on what the compensation is.

The only guy I’m positive is staying is Lynch at this point.  Regardless, Michael Robinson back on this roster only improves the offense.  Imagine Monday Night Football this week with Michael Robinson and Percy Harvin both on the field?

Are you drooling yet?


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