Seahawks vs. Panthers Week 5 game balls & stats

Seahawks squeak out first road win!

Best game yet for Russell Wilson, biggest statement from the Seahawks defense, and best of all?

Worst game of his young career for Cam Newton. 

Yeah, the ‘Hawk defense shut down Cam Newton on Sunday!

Offensive Game Ball

Marshawn Lynch is good at football.  He’s also good at breaking tackles.  And also breaking Michael Robinson’s heart, when he ignores him on the Real Rob Report.  He was good at number’s one and two today, rushing for 85 yards on 21 carries.

He added one catch for nine yards as well.  Beast Mode.

Baby steps.

Bruce Irvin West Virginia

Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce was at it again Sunday

Baby steps for the receiving core, but today excited me for two reasons.  Well actually 75 million reasons.  The 75 signifies the amount of money the ‘Hawks paid Zach Miller and Sidney Rice two off seasons ago, expecting them to continue to be Pro-Bowl players.

And they still have that potential.  It showed through today.  Miller finished the day with three catches for 59 yards (his most as a Seahawk) and Sidney Rice had a team high five catches for 67 yards.

DangeRussell Wilson.  Game Ball-Russell Wilson.  Both work, both true.

Wilson gets this week’s Offensive Game Ball for his best game yet, and his first road victory!  He finished with 221 yards from 19 completions and a touchdown.

He had two interceptions, one was due to an excellent play by Thomas Davis to force Marshawn Lynch to bobble a Wilson pass which was then picked, and another was due to a pass that was underthrown.  Like I said baby steps.

It rings true for the entire offense on this Sunday.

Defensive Game Ball

Before I get to the defense’s numbers, I want to go over the Carolina numbers:

Cam Newton: 12/29 for 141 yards and zero touchdowns.  He had six completions at halftime.  He also paced the team with seven carries for 42 yards.  The rest of the 4-headed rushing beast that the Panthers boast? 

A combined 11 carries for 25 yards.  Yeah, our defense did that.

Richard Sherman paced the defense in tackles as well as Steve Smith frustration penalties.  Sherm was talking and doing his job all game, which led to 30 yards in penalties from Smith losing his temper (water is wet, fire is hot etc. etc.).

Brandon Browner picked up four tackles but his biggest play was literally stealing the ball from DeAngelo Williams’ hands and bringing the momentum back Seattle’s way following three straight Seattle turnovers.

The Defensive Game Ball goes to a bust though.

And a guy that was a reach.

Wait, he’s neither?

Bruce Irvin is a beast.  He is also the real deal.  Soon enough, he’s going to be every NFL quarterback’s worst nightmare.  Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce was at it again Sunday, getting sack number’s 3.5 and 4.5.

Jon Ryan

Special Teams Game Ball goes to Special Teams coordinator Brian Schneider for calling the safety

Special Teams Game Ball

Leon Washington fumbled the kickoff to start the second half and didn’t have a good game as a returner in general. He has really slowed down since an explosive week one.

Steven Hauschka was 3/3, nailing kicks from 22, 36 and 44.  The 22 was a bit of an experience as it knuckled over the crowd and was barely good.

But it was in fact good.

The Special Teams Game Ball goes to Special Teams coordinator Brian Schneider as well as punter Jon Ryan.  Before Ryan came to the NFL in 2006, he spent two seasons in the CFL.

And the play that earned him the Game Ball is such a CFL play.

After catching the high snap, Ryan ran to the corner of the end zone and killed as many seconds as possible before ducking out the back of the end zone for the safety.

A brilliant, brilliant play that helped seal a victory.


Post Game Tweets

The Seahawks are back at CenturyLink field this Sunday against the New England Patriots!


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