Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills Week 15 game balls & stats

Another blow out

I don’t know who the hell kidnapped my beloved Seahawks and replaced them with football players who can actually put up mass amounts of points, but I love them dearly!

Again, the Seattle Seahawks put up 50 plus points against a lesser opponent this week.

Their two game point total is now 108, which ties the New England Patriots, from earlier this year, as the third best two game point total in NFL history!

These are serious accusations the folks over at the stats department are giving us Hawks fans.

First last weeks shutout, then the two game point total, and then Russell Wilson becomes the first player in the history of professional American football to rush for three TD’s plus add another in the air in the first half of a game.

Yes, you read that right, our little QB who was too short for the NFL, and drafted in the third round to sit on the bench behind Matt Flynn, is the first person to ever do this!

Offensive game ball

Of course it is going to Russell Wilson.

This kid just continues to awe not only me, but the rest of you, and even the rest of the league now too.

Not only will he receive my game ball award for his performance in Toronto on Sunday, but he should be able to add the real deal as the Offensive Player of the Week as well.

Of course Russell had some help on O, like in the form of Marshawn Lynch, who tore through the Buffalo D like the steam roller he is.

Record setting day for Wilson and the Hawks (

Record setting day for Wilson and the Hawks (

Since we’ve been on the topic of records, Lynch tied Chris Warren for the 2nd most 100 yard rushing performance’s in a season with 8.

It was a beastly day for sure for Marshawn, even though he only reached the end zone once.

Being the super fan that I am, the point total for all my Seahawks for fantasy this week was 98, too bad they resulted in 3 losses for me.

Sidney Rice led the team with 5 receptions for 76 yards, and my boy Zach Miller had the lone TD through the air for the Hawks.

But this day belonged to Russell Wilson who besides throwing for 205 yards with the one TD pass and no picks, also rushed for 92 yards, averaging 10.2 per carry to go along with he three first half rushing TD’s.

Defensive game ball

Hmm, where to go with this pick.

I think the obvious choice would be Earl Thomas, who had a pick six on the day, returning an errant pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick 57 yards for a score.

But, honorable mention will definitely have to go to rookie super stud Bobby Wagner, who led the team once again with 10 tackles, while assisting on two more.

Even further honorable mention would go to Chris Clemons, who had 2.5 sacks, totaling 29 lost yards for the Bills.

But, like last week, the whole team deserves credit for this one. No it wasn’t a shut out again, but they did manage to keep Buffalo under 20 points, securing our second straight road win.

Now comes the hard part for the Seahawks and us fans.

We need to first win out, then pray for a miracle that San Francisco loses to Arizona on the final weekend to ensure a playoff spot by winning the division.

Barring some freak incidents, we should be a lock at a wild card spot, but, stranger things have occurred in the NFL before, remember when we won the division with a losing record?


Box Score

So, keep your fingers crossed Hawk fans, but first we need to take care of the Niners next Sunday night.


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  • Chihuahua’s Seahawk

    Excelent article, that’s exactly how I feel, like some one kidnaped our sehawks!!! no matter what happens next, this have being a very exiting season! Still hate NFLNetwork, 50sec of highlights almost no comments…

    • clinton

      Nobody ever gives the credit that this team deserves, not in the Super Bowl year, not in our division winning years, and certainly not now. Sure, they were two blowouts versus weak teams, but the third best point total was not put up against these teams without execution, planning, and determination. That is something they can never take away from us fans!

      • Chihuahua’s Seahawk

        Go Hawks!!!! 121th man for life!

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