Jets vs. Seahawks Week 10 game balls & stats

Still Perfect After Blowout

That’s right, after facing Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Christian Ponder and Mark Sanchez, the Seahawks are still perfect at home this season and 8-0 is attainable.

There were nervous moments on Sunday but then Golden Tate threw a touchdown pass and everything seemed right in the world again.

The one downside of the win? I didn’t get to use the title ‘Even a blind pig finds a truffle once in awhile’ for the losing ‘What Went Wrong’ article.

But that’s not fair; a blind pig would be more accurate of a passer than Tim Tebow…

Offensive Game Ball

Despite the first turnover of his home career, Russell Wilson put in another quality day. He looked like a rookie in the pocket for the first time this season, though.

He looked paranoid and was not confident placing the ball for most of the game. He’s a rookie and it will happen, but we wouldn’t be Seahawks fans if we didn’t hit the panic button over everything, right?

He finished with 188 yards off of 12 completions and two touchdowns.

Marshawn Lynch became the second rusher in the NFL (Adrian Peterson) this season to hit the 1000 yard rushing mark.

Golden Tate

Rice gives Tate the TD ball after a heckuva throw.

With 124 yards and a touchdown, he sits at 1005 yards for the season after just ten games. 27 carries on the day is a concerning amount of carries to get consistently, though.

This week’s Offensive Game Ball goes to a guy who threw for a touchdown and caught a touchdown during Sunday’s victory.

Nope, not Sidney Rice. Everyone’s new favorite, Golden Tate!

Despite the third ugliest pass in NFL history being thrown (the top-2 belong to the 2 opposing quarterbacks, ironically), Tate hit Sidney Rice from 23 yards out and gave Tate his first passing touchdown.

As pointed out by our editor, Q, look back before that play and you will see Pete Carroll giggling to himself before the snap. Awesome.

Defensive Game Ball

Earl Thomas and LeRoy Hill paced the defense with four tackles each.

Richard Sherman had a very important and perfectly timed interception in the red zone and stopped a threatening Jets offensive drive.

It was his fourth of the season, tying him for third in the NFL. He also had a forced fumble/sack play that showed off his speed (so much so that it made me think it was Earl Thomas).

The Defensive Game Ball goes to Bruce Irvin, who got to Mark Sanchez for sacks numbers 6 and 7 on Sunday.

He is now tied for 7th in the NFL in sacks with teammate Chris Clemons and several others. His speed off the edge is really unbelievable and he’s already proving the ‘experts’ wrong.

The Seahawks get a well deserved break this year as they hit their bye week at a well earned 6-4 record.



Stay tuned into NWSB to help you get through this long period of Seahawk-less football.

Go Seahawks.


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