The Top Five DRAFT busts in Seattle Seahawks history

Moments In Time: Seahawks Draft Busts

This week Aaron Curry has been all over the news. The former Seattle Seahawks 4th pick overall in the 2009 draft will most likely be traded during this season or released in the offseason.

With all the talk about Curry that had me thinking about where does he rank on the worst draft picks in Seahawks history?

Is he the worst?

Is he even top five?

So in this following post I’ll do my best to rank the top five worst draft picks in Seahawks history.

5. Brian Bosworth LB 1987-1989: 1st pick overall 1987 Supplemental draft

When the Seahawks drafted Brian Bosworth with the first pick in the 1987 supplemental draft they were hoping he was the missing piece to them winning a title. The Seahawks were a franchise who had made the playoffs three of the last four seasons despite not having any pro bowl linebackers. With Bosworth the Seahawks were supposed to be on the short list of favorites.

Instead Bosworth is best remembered for Bo Jackson running him over during his rookie season on Monday Night Football. Bosworth couldnt’ stay healthy either. His career lasted just three years including playing just two games his third year in 1989 where he was forced to retire. Bosworth in his career with the Seahawks played in 24 games all starts while recording four sacks(his rookie season). Bosworth’s career didn’t live up to the hype with the Seahawks.

4. Aaron Curry LB 2009-present: 4th pick overall in 2009 NFL Draft

When the Seahawks drafted Aaron Curry with the fourth pick overall in the 2009 NFL Draft there is some disappointment about the passing up of Mark Sanchez out of USC. Although nobody was upset about Curry who was the top player in the draft according to most draft experts. The Seahawks after making the playoffs five straight seasons had a fall back year of 4-12. With Julian Peterson having been just traded the Seahawks took the “safest” pick in the draft by selecting Curry.

Like we are seeing right now it appears Curry’s days in Seattle are about numbered. This will most likely be his final season in Seattle and he hasn’t been that playmaking player the Seahawks thought they were drafting. Curry in his three years with the Seahawks has started 30 games with only 5.5 sacks with 120 tackles in 33 games which is a far cry from what the Seahawks were hoping to land when they drafted him.

3. Dan McGwire QB 1991-94: 16th overall pick in 1991 NFL Draft

At the time Seahawks headcoach Chuck Knox suggested the Seahawks draft some kid from Southern Mississippi to eventually groom to take over for Dave Krieg. That quarterback was Brett Favre but Tom Flores(then general manager) ignored him by selected the 6’8″ McGwire who was the brother of Mark McGwire. For the Seahawks they were in a position like they were in now looking to replace the older Dave Krieg. They traded a 1988 first round draft pick for Kelly Stoufer who had proven to not be the guy.

#2 Biggest Draft Bust - Rick Mirer QB 1993-96

Well McGwire was even worse for the Seahawks. In his four years with the Seahawks McGwire had only appeared in 12 games making only five starts. He completed only 50.3% of his passes for 745 yards(5.1 YPA) with only two touchdowns and six interceptions. He had a quarterback rating of 52.7 and because of McGwire’s failures the Seahawks were searching once again for a quarterback just two years later.

2. Rick Mirer QB 1993-96: 2nd overall pick in 1993 NFL draft

The Seahawks were coming off a 2-14 season under first year headcoach/ GM Tom Flores despite a top 10 ranked defense. The Seahawks had to take a quarterback and took the guy that Bill Walsh called the next Joe Montana. In 1992 the Seahawks defeated the New England Patriots 10-6 so the Patriots had the #1 pick in the draft.

The Patriots took Drew Bledsoe from the Washington State Cougars with the first pick overall which the Seahawks then took Rick Mirer from Notre Dame with the 2nd pick. Mirer played better than Bledsoe in his rookie season and it was looking like the Seahawks had the better quarterback.

Mirer who in his defense was on a crappy offense couldn’t ever advance to that next level. His career with the Seahawks lasted just four seasons where he made 51 starts. In those starts he completed only 53.4% of his passes for 9,094 yards(6.0 YPA) with 41 touchdowns to 56 interceptions. He would have a rating of 65.2 but was traded for a first round pick which turned out to be Walter Jones. That is why Mirer isn’t #1 instead I went with the Seahawks first ever pick.

Steve Niehaus DT 1977-79: 2nd overall pick in 1977 NFL Draft

The Seahawks lost a coin flip to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which was a shame. The Bucs took hall of famer Leroy Selmon while the Seahawks took Steve Niehaus from Notre Dame(if we ever have the #2 pick again avoid Notre Dame okay Pete? Golden Tate agrees). Niehaus was the franchises first ever pick and was a total bust.

Unlike these other players who showed flashes although very small he did nothing. In three years with the Seahawks he played in 36 games making only 20 starts. He recorded zero sacks in his career and was a complete flop which hurt the Seahawks as they didn’t make the playoffs until their eighth season while the Bucs made the postseason in their fourth season.

In conclusion, Curry is simply a reminder that the draft can be sadly a crap shoot. For all those wanting the Seahawks to “suck for luck” keep that in mind that Seahawks fans were all excited about these players. Whether a player entered a bad situation, was overrated to begin with or simply injuries players bust out all the time.

Hope you enjoyed my list of the top five draft busts in Seahawks history.

Hopefully nobody in next years draft will make this list.


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  • Riley Trottier

    All of these players were hyped, but I don’t think any of them have the upside that Luck has. Plus, watching him and Bradford battle it out for the next few years would be awesome for division.

  • Kshell

    I’d love to have Andrew Luck and personally don’t think he’ll be a bust. I do think Matt Barkley or Landry Jones could end up on this list.


  • Kshell

    I like typing in all caps I like that.

    Giving up on Carroll four games into year two after winning the division? I’m sure glad you weren’t in charge of our franchise a decade ago. You know when we had a coach who was 31-33 after four seasons and didn’t win a playoff game until year seven. His name was Mike Holmgren.

    Tarvaris played well today but you are nothing without a franchise quarterback.

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