Top 5 Seattle Seahawks deals during the Mike Holmgren era

Holmgren worked his magic

Whether the GM or just the Head Coach, you know Mike Holmgren for better or for worse had a say in just about everything that went down in his time in Seattle.  He cleaned house and changed the way the Seahawks do business.  On top of that, he showed Seattle what a winning football team looked like and left the blueprints to build on.


He was GM/Head Coach until 2002 where he dropped the GM title and stuck to being Head Coach.

While he was here, he made some pretty incredible moves and, well, some pretty dumb ones, too.

Here are the Top 5 Trades in the Mike Holmgren era in Seattle (and a couple honorable mentions.)

Honorable Mention #1

In 1999, Holmgren’s first year with the team, the Seahawks traded their 7th round pick to Green Bay for wide receiver Derrick Mays.  Although Mays wasn’t anything spectacular, he WAS one of the Seahawks biggest contributors the following season.

Rocky Bernard had Seattle's back while he was a Seahawk

Honorable Mention #2

Also in 1999, the Seahawks sent wide receiver James McKnight to Dallas for their 3rd round pick in 2000.  Seattle used that pick to grab wide receiver Darrell Jackson from the University of Florida.

5.  Bye Bye Brock

Brock Huard was a legend at University of Washington, but when he became a Seahawk, he was the exact opposite.

In 2002, the Seahawks traded Huard to Indianapolis for their 5th round pick that year.  With the extra 5th round pick, the Seahawks chose Rocky Bernard from Texas A&M.  Although the Sugar Bear Shuffle is in New York now, he had some good years in Seattle.

4.  The Golden Domer

In 2008, the Seahawks traded up from draft pick #55 to #38 from Baltimore in exchange for the Seahawks’ 5th round pick.  The Seahawks selected John Carlson from Notre Dame at the #38 spot.  I still maintain he is the only good Notre Dame player the Seahawks ever drafted.

3.  Trojan Man

In 2005, Seattle traded up in the draft with Carolina, giving them a 4th round pick in order to move from #54 to #45.  With that #45 pick, they selected Lofa Tatupu from USC.

#1 trade and #2 trade made the Super Bowl run possible

2.  2-Fer

In 2000, the Seahawks sent wide receiver Joey Galloway to Dallas for what I consider to this day to be one of the greatest trade rapes in history.  Dallas sent Seattle their 2000 and 2001 1st round picks.  Seattle used the 2000 pick on Shaun Alexander from Alabama.  They used the 2001 pick on wide receiver Koren Robinson from NC State.

1.  Franchise QB

In 2001, Seattle traded their #10 pick and their #72 pick to Green Bay to get Matt Hasselbeck and the Green Bay #17 pick, which was used on Steve Hutchinson.  2 of they key piece of out Super Bowl run and Shaun Alexander’s MVP season in one draft day deal.  Wow.

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  • Kshell

    Tim Ruskell made moves #4 and #3 though.

  • Anonymous

    Right but I’m pretty sure Brandon’s point is “”whether the GM or just the Head Coach, you know Mike Holmgren for better or for worse had a say in just about everything that went down””

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