The Top Five Busts In Seattle Seahawks History

Moments In Time: Seahawks Busts

Maybe because it depends so much on playbooks, coaches and the punishment the sport doles out to the body, it seems like no major sport has as many busts as football.

Who are the top five Seattle Seahawks busts of all time? Scary to say that there were too many to choose from.

Believe it or not, Koren Robinson, Jerramy Stevens and T.J. Houshmandzadeh didn’t make the cut!

1. Rick Mirer

He was Mr. Notre Dame, supposedly the next Joe Montana, and supposed to rescue Seattle from No. 4 on this list. But, nope, Mirer was a massive bust, threw more interceptions than touchdown passes and wound up playing for seven different teams.

2. Brian Bosworth

The Boz! The football player-turned-B-movie-star was one of the greatest defensive players in college football history. The outspoken Bosworth had considerable hype surrounding him before Seattle drafted him but injuries cut his career to just a couple of seasons.

The Boz - One Of The Seahawks Biggest Busts?

3. Deion Branch

Branch is an under-the-radar addition to this list. But we have to remember the expectations at the time of the trade. He was a Super Bowl MVP wideout expected to put Seattle over the edge in its push for a championship. He did nothing of the sort, never topping 53 catches or 725 yard with the Seahawks.

4. Dan McGwire

The brother of baseball’s Mark was the largest quarterback in league history and drafted before Brett Favre. Oops. McGwire threw a grand total of one touchdown pass, putting him 507 scores behind Favre.

5. Grant Wistrom

Wistrom signed a six-year, $33-million deal in 2004 and got $21 million of it over three brutal seasons in which the defensive end tallied just 11.5 sacks. Gross.

PS. I’ve got my eye on you Kearney! 1 Year Wonder!

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