TMQB: Seattle puts up winning numbers in a losing effort

TMQB: Seahawks vs Bengals

I”m a day late with the Monday Morning QB. I’m sorry! It’s hard to write after a loss, I’m not going to lie.  After watching your beloved team lose a game 34-12 in which they dominated most offensive numbers, you’re left scratching your head.


Some questionable decisions, some questionable calls and a whole lot of momentarily lapses of judgement on the field amounted to an ugly loss for the Seahawks.

For starters, how was Charlie Whitehurst named started to begin with?  Pete Carroll said last week Tarvaris Jackson could’ve played but they held him out.  That should mean he would definitely be ready to start this week.  With the team’s division chances slipping away weekly, you cannot afford to put your second string quarterback in hoping he’ll get the job done.

ESPECIALLY after last week’s debable against the Browns.

When Carroll finally came to his senses, Jackson came in and dominated.  Even after missing a quarter and a half of playing time, Jackson piled up 323 yards through the air.

Jackson is no franchise quarterback, but he really does give the Seahawks their best chance to win.  And he showed it.

The Seahawks had 2 100 yard receivers in Sidney Rice (102 yds) and Ben Obomanu (107 yds) with Doug Baldwin coming close with 73 yards.  Those are impressive numbers given the difficulties this team has had this season.

So why did they lose?

First, special teams.  Had that kick not been returned for a touchdown, Seattle was still in the thick of it and had a better than decent chance at coming back. After the return touchdown, all hope were lost and the Seahawks played in garbage time like it was, well, garbage time.

After giving up 2 return touchdowns to the 49ers to start the season, you would think they learned their lesson.

Apparently not.

Jackson needs better protection to give the Hawks a chance

Next you’ve got 3rd down defense coupled with penalties.  I believe the Seahawks allowed 4 first downs on penalties in crucial situations.  They allowed the Bengals to convert 6 third downs.  Those numbers will not allow you to win a ball game, period.

The defense overall played pretty well, despite those shortcomings.  They didn’t allow a 100 yard rusher or receiver for the Bengals.

The interceptions by Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman were huge.  Anthony Hargrove got an impressive sack on Andy Dalton.  Leroy Hill had 2 clutch tackles for loss.  Richard Sherman did a good job of holding AJ Green in check.

The offensive line still needs work as well.  They gave up 4 sacks and allowed the run game to be stuffed yet again as our leading rusher in Leon Washington had 34 yards followed by Lynch’s 24.

Washington’s yardage was on 2 carries, which is a good average but that statistic tells lies in how the line played.

They really need to step it up, get more protection for the quarterback and more holes for the running backs.

No matter what happens this season, I will continue to support the Seahawks and what they do.  I will not hope for losses like many are.

This season’s flashes of potential just give us a glimpse of the Seahawks very bright future and I am excited for that.

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