Seahawks Rant Time: Memo To the 12th man…Learn how to be a fan!

Time to stop booing our own

The Seattle Seahawks lost a tough game this past sunday 30-28 to the Atlanta Falcons. In that game Tarvaris Jackson threw for 319 yards with three touchdowns. The Seahawks loss certainly didn’t fall on his shoulders yet the only player to receive loud boos throughout the game was Jackson.


The supposedly “best fans” have turned on their quarterback despite him play decent this season especially at home.

In this following post I’ll simply explain why the 12’s out there need to support Jackson or at the very least give him a chance.

I’ll admit I’m not a believer in Jackson judging from the games he played at when he was with the Minnesota Vikings. Jackson also isn’t the franchise quarterback and definetely isn’t Matt Hasselbeck.

Having said that, I feel like the fans are being way too harsh on Jackson. The team is 1-3 but that isn’t all on Jackson. The team has no running game and the pass defense has been suspect.

For the season Jackson has completed 62.2% of his passes for 846 yards (6.3 YPA) with five passing touchdowns to four interceptions (two hail marry’s and one was a touchdown to Miller that was deflected for an interception) with a quarterback rating of 80.0 yet his own home crowd is booing every incomplete pass.

Stop booing TJ - It just makes our fan base look horrible

I can understand booing Jackson if he has the quarterback of the future behind him but he doesn’t. He has Charlie Whitehurst who is also a nothing quarterback. If Jackson is throwing three or four interceptions then by all means fans please boo as that type of performance is unacceptable.

Until Jackson has such a game stop booing him that just makes our fan base look horrible.

Unless the fans plan on booing the ENTIRE team for being 1-3 I don’t want them to boo Jackson anymore. I’m not one to advocate making excuses or supporting losing. W

hat I am for is our fan base to give a guy a chance.

Too many times this same fan base has glorified crappy players yet Jackson is booed non stop.

In conclusion, if your going to boo Jackson then boo Lynch, boo the secondary, boo the line, boo the coaching staff, etc. Is Jackson the quarterback of the future? No.

Can the Seahawks win a Super Bowl with Jackson? No.

Should the fans wait and see what Jackson can do for them before booing him? Yes.

So all you 12’s out there it’s okay to boo a player just make sure when you are doing so that he is actually messing up. On Sunday Jackson was the only reason the Seahawks were in the game.

Booing him that game just made our fan base look stupid.

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  • Jimmy

    “who is also a nothing quarterback” so you admit tavaris is a nothing QB…

  • Holman89

    I agree with the comments about TJac not being booed anymore.  He hasnt had a bad game, he hasnt had an O Line and is doing a fair job given the circumstances.  Same goes for Lynch.  If ya wanna boo, boo at Browner and the DB’s.  The Oline is young and i see improvement every game.  But Browner is just getting smoked every time there is a critical play he gets flagged.  This is keeping the Don the field way to long and not allowing the O more TOP.

    • Sportsbyjake

      He hasn’t had a bad game? That is not accurate at all.

  • I understand why some might boo, but seriously to be booing after the first incomplete pass is just, to put it bluntly, stupid. I feel like the majority of the fan base right now is doing nothing but wearing 12thman Halloween costumes. 

    We all knew coming in what we had, we had a team that was going to struggle on offense and have some ups and downs on defense. I don’t see how the team has done anything but exceed those expectations. This team is actually a few missed tackles/opportunities from being 3-1, and that’s despite fairly underwhelming play on offense on a whole. The only game we haven’t had a chance in at the end of the game was  at Pittsburgh  and we sort of got caught up in a “perfect storm” there.

    I don’t understand why people have been booing Tarvaris at all so soon. It reminds me of  Husky Stadium and the “Dilfer” chants. All that kid from BC needed was a chance to show what he could do. Tarvaris is admittedly not Mathew Hasslebeck but seriously people give him a chance.

  • Anonymous

    If Miller doesn’t drop that TD pass last week TJ has a better QB rating than Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. Not to shabby eh? #Seahawks fans

  • Kshell

    I don’t think Jackson is a good quarterback and this piece wasn’t about that. This piece was about giving him a chance. Jackson has been unfairly booed for the Seahawks despite not having a terrible home game.

    If that pitt game was at home then he should be booed. The Arizona game he played okay and this past game he played really well.

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