Three things we still don’t know about the 2013 Seattle Seahawks.

2-0! I still have questions!

Fresh off a big-time win in their home opener against arch rival San Francisco, the Seattle Seahawks are in the perfect position to bring the Lombardi Trophy home to Seattle for the very first time.

At 2-0, the playoffs still seem light years away; but when you only play 16 games a year, every game counts at a far greater level.

Greater still are some questions that have continued to linger around the Seahawks despite their excellent start.  These are questions that the team needs to answer if they want to hoist that silver trophy in triumph for the fans of the rainy city.

Cliff Avril made his comeback in Week 2 (Photo: Joe Nicholson/USA Today)

Cliff Avril made his comeback in Week 2 (Photo: Joe Nicholson/USA Today)

Can the Seahawks develop their defense into having a consistent pass rush every week?

As great as that Seattle D has been in allowing just 10 points in their first two games, the pass rush has been inconsistent at best.  Most would chalk this issue up to injuries and suspensions.  Cliff Avril returned in week 2, but Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin are still out.

Clemons is close to returning. I’m not sure we’ll see him in the Jacksonville game this weekend, but I have a suspicion he’ll be in there against the Texans in Houston.  Irvin, on the other hand, is a definite out for two more games.

On paper, lining up Clemons, Avril, Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant along with Irvin looks like a pass protection nightmare for any opponent.  Hopefully the limited amount of time they’ll have played together won’t be a factor.  I can’t wait to see it, and I think we’ll get to see it barring any other injuries in Indianapolis for week 5.  Sorry, Mr. Luck.

Can the Seahawks’ offense play consistent on the road?

Despite some big road wins at the end of the 2012 season, this bugaboo stigma is still out there.  This is a year, though, that Seattle can finally put that to bed.

Albeit in just in just two games, the Seattle running game hasn’t been as explosive as it was a year ago.  Marshawn Lynch looks healthy, but the offensive line issues with penalties and the absence of Michael Robinson are both hurting this offense and will continue to do so, especially on the road where the run game can be your salvation.

When asked, I’ve heard Pete Carroll say TWICE now that Robinson might be an option later in the season.  I’m starting to wonder if this “illness” that Michael had at the end of preseason wasn’t a bit more serious than was ever reported and that he wasn’t going to be able to play even if Seattle had not cut him.

No one has jumped to sign him, either, which raises an eyebrow or two as well.

Could Spencer Ware simply have been a temporary solution?  We’ll probably never know unless it’s suddenly announced that Robinson has been re-signed.  Regardless of whether it’s Ware or Robinson, better blocking for Lynch must start, and start soon.

Will we see Percy Harvin in 2013?

Sydney Rice, Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin make up a great trio of wide-outs, so don’t get me wrong here.  Percy Harvin, however, brings that X-factor that you just can’t plan for as a defensive coach.

Will we see Percy Harvin in 2013?

Will we see Percy Harvin in 2013?

Let me give you an example:

San Francisco in its week-2 loss to Seattle played pretty much exclusively a seven-man front with two deep safeties — a pretty standard package against our three-wide out package of Rice, Tate, and Baldwin.

That means most of the time the defense was using its two corners to cover Rice and Tate while a safety picked up Baldwin.

Now insert Percy Harvin.  If Harvin lines up in the slot, which he does a lot, now you have a safety covering him.  If the Seahawks go four wide, in a bunch package to one side, now you have  safeties covering Baldwin and Harvin — or worst-case scenario, a nickel corner covering one of them and a safety the other.

The point is, it’s a matchup nightmare.  If you get a nickel corner or a safety on a healthy Harvin, the defense will lose more often than not on that battle.

That’s all sounds great right?  So when is he back?  Check out his own twitter comment from a week ago:

Don’t tease me like that, Percy, and not deliver.  Week 7 would be the Seahawks’ first game against the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix.

Carroll and company have been totally silent on any possible return date for Harvin, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and you should be too ,12th Man’ers. 

Great things are on the horizon!


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  • Hawkman54

    No way Harvin is back by week seven . The D line when everyone gets back will be great. It might take a few more weeks , with players coming back and time together , but it will come. The O-line is my concern and was my Number one in the off season , BUT nothing much happened there. This team will go as far as the O-line allows them to go !

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