Terrell Owens working-out possibly signing with the Seahawks

T.O. gets tryout with Seattle

38 year old Wide Receiver Terrell Owens is in the Pacific Northwest today to tryout with the Seattle Seahawks.  Owens, who would be entering his 16th season if he makes the team, has been clamouring for a team to give him a chance this offseason, and finally a team has taken him up on his offer.

This move comes on the heels of the Seahawks cutting fellow veteran Receiver Antonio Bryant just 10 days after signing him on July 26th.

What does all of this mean?

Here are some initial thoughts on the news.

1. Can Owens live up to his hall of fame credentials?

There is no doubt that the man they call T.O. is one of the best Receivers to play in the NFL ever.  His size, speed, and body control were freakish in his prime, and while he has most certainly lost a step, he has shown he can still be productive.

In his time with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010 (his most recent season in the NFL), he hauled in 72 receptions, for 983 yards, and 9 touchdowns.

He ranks 2nd (tied with Randy Moss), for all-time receiving touchdowns behind Jerry Rice.  He is also second all-time in receiving yards, behind Rice again.  His resume is impressive, with 6 pro-bowls, 5 all-pro selections, and if he can bring any of those skills to the team in his advanced playing career, this could be a good thing.

2. What kind of shape is he in?

As mentioned earlier, Owens’ last stint in the league was in 2010 with the Bengals, and he has been playing in the National Indoor Football League most recently, hardly NFL competition so what kind of shape is he in?

Anybody who has seen his 6’3″, 224 frame when he is not wearing a shirt can attest, this guy is always in tip top shape.

Terrell Owens

How healthy is Terrell Owens would be my first question…

However, looking good does not always translate into productivity.  Does he still have the speed to get behind defenders?  Can he still push Cornerbacks aside to get off of press coverage?

All of this remains to be seen, but make no mistake, if anyone can play in this league at 38, you have to think the clean living, workout junkie Owens would be a good bet to be that guy.

3. What does it mean for the Quarterback/locker room?

While Owens is not known for being a guy who gets DUIs, or parties all night, his reputation of a “locker room cancer” is well documented.

He has been run out of town in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dallas.  He was even cut from the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League for an alleged “lack of effort”.

His battles with Quarterbacks have been a part of his legacy as much as his impressive stats have, just ask Jeff Garcia or Donovan McNabb.

Since the Seahawks don’t have a Quarterback yet who has asserted himself as the leader in the locker room, could signing T.O. lead to an eventual blow up if things don’t go his way?

The Seahawks are a relatively young team, and who knows if the locker room can handle a guy like Owens, but hopefully guys like Chris Clemons, and Red Bryant can use their leadership skills to control T.O. if he makes the team.

4. What does it mean for the other WRs?

Head Coach Pete Carroll seems to be trying to add a veteran Wideout to his group to help teach the younger guys.  There has been a bit of a musical chairs routine with veterans Antonio Bryant, then Braylon Edwards, and now Owens, and one has to wonder if both Edwards and Owens can exist in the same Wide Receiver core.

There is no doubt that the young guys could learn a lot from the productive T.O., but could they learn some of his bad habits of calling out players on his own team too?

5. How fun would it be to see Randy Moss vs. T.O. if they can play up to their hype?

With the San Francisco 49ers signing 35-year old veteran Wide Receiver Randy Moss in this offseason, and the Seahawks flirting with T.O., how fun would it be if they both got to play in some big NFC West match-ups this year?

Remember, they are both tied for second behind Rice for all-time TD receptions, and to see them battle on the same field trying to break that tie would be a hell of a thing to see.

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