Sea-pinion! In Pete Carroll, John Schneider, and T-Jack I trust

Yes, I said TJack

With free agency under way, things are getting hot and heavy in the NFL. Not just with players and teams, but with fans as well. It’s time for the gurus and swamis, the haters and doubters, the optimists and the pessimists, the speculators and the ball busters.

In 3 days of free agency, I have seen all those people and then some.

This is what truly keeps the fan base interested until the April draft and the start of mini camps in August.

This year for the Seattle Seahawks fan base is one we’re all too used to by now. The Seahawks are in need of an upgrade at the QB position and are being selective. To many fans, this is appalling and you hear it constantly, especially on Twitter. The front office is a lot more patient than the fans and the fans are very outspoken about these situations.

Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks

He'll be back with a vengeance

Annoyingly outspoken, actually. With each QB’s every move being guessed or analyzed, rabid fans are chomping at the bit in hopes to find a replacement for Tarvaris Jackson. What I don’t get is why. Yes, T-Jack had some struggles last season, but who the hell didn’t?

The only positions that stayed healthy were on the defensive side of the ball, hence the top 10 defense in the NFL taking shape. But the offense? The offensive line was decimated. The team’s top 2 WRs were constantly sidelined with injuries and concussions.

The team’s starting tight end went down for the season and the new guy was used to block instead of receive.

Then you get to the quarterback.

Tarvaris Jackson fits the quarterback type that Pete Carroll has expressed as his prototypical quarterback. He CAN throw deep, he CAN get out of the pocket if he needs to and make plays with his feet and he HAS the team support behind him.

What people don’t stop to think about when they completely obliterate TJack with disparaging comments is what the guy went through this season.

NOBODY on the team played well for the first month or so for starters. Then he had to deal with injuries to both Sidney Rice and Mike Williams. He hit Doug Baldwin in the meantime.

He had to deal with injuries piling up on his offensive line, bringing in new guys like Breno Giacomini, Paul McQuistan and Lemuel JeanPierre who were shaky at first.

Then he had his own injury to deal with when he tore his pectoral muscle on a scramble. Then the team was forced to put in  Charlie Whitehurst. We all know how that went. So most welcomed TJack back into the lineup at any cost. He stepped back in, unselfishly, to try and help this team win. With a torn pec.

The rest of the year was not consistent, I will admit. But you got much better play out of TJack with a semi-serious injury than a fully healthy Whitehurst. Jackson’s downfield range shrunk and he was a bit gun shy to step up in the pocket after his injury.

Tarvaris Jackson with no protection

This is what TJack had to deal with last season

But the man practically killed himself for this franchise and led a hell of a second half comeback paired with Marshawn Lynch‘s running.

When you only have 1 or 2 receivers to throw to and not great blocking, it’s hard to impress people. That’s what these fans aren’t understanding. Their bloodlust to replace him because he wasn’t stepping up, because he wasn’t throwing the deep balls, is just absolutely insane and I hope that whoever steps in next season gets treated better.

Whether it be TJack or any other poor sap. Eventually, fans will criticize them, too.

With all that being said, I would not mind for a second seeing Tarvaris Jackson return as the starting quarterback next season. You get that guy a healthy line, a healthy receiving corps and him being healthy himself and I think the Seahawks can make a serious run not just at the playoffs, but even to the NFC Championship or beyond.

Yes, those are lofty and high expectations, but you need to trust in your front office to make good decisions like that.

Seahawks GM John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll have been nothing but money since taking the reigns of this team. The ONLY questionable move in my mind was the trade for Charlie Whitehurst.

Other than that, they have been spot on in their hundreds of roster moves. And that’s what makes it easy to trust these guys.

These 2 men have serious knowledge of how football works. On how good talent is according to their current roster, their current schemes.

Each move they have made has been carefully chosen for the better of the team in order to finally get the end product they are looking for.

We saw it with the defense last season and we saw the serious attempts on the offense as well.

Pete Carroll, John Schneider

In these 2 I trust

The quarterback spot will always be under scrutiny. Whoever fills the role will have a big task ahead of them.

But I trust in John and Pete to make the right decisions for this team going forward, no matter what.

I’m not a Matt Flynn fan at all. He was in Seattle for a visit Thursday night. If the Seahawks end up signing him, I will put my dislike aside and go all in on the move. I won’t question it, I will root my ass off for the guy.

If the Seahawks decide they want to draft a guy to take over, I will stand by their decision. (Although Tannehill is the only truly viable option since Luck and RG3 are already spoken for…and Tannehill will go before spot 12 in the draft.)

No matter what happens, I stand behind our guys.

In John, Pete and Tarvaris Jackson I trust.


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  • Jbess3

    This has to be one of the best articles Ive read all year. Really opened my eyes. I think you are absolutely spot on. I still feel we need to draft a QB, but in later rounds 4-6. I like guys like Kirk Cousins, Ryan Lindley, Kellen Moore. Guys that could sit and learn the system.

  • I would definitely agree with drafting a guy in wait. Just all these people who want an immediate answer and a win NOW mentality aren’t making too much sense. Too much bloodlust, not enough clear thoughts going their minds.

  • Rocksalt27

    I too believe in the front office. You really see Seattle is running a business and is not going out to spend top dollar on every UFA available. When your team is really young, I do think we need those veteran guys to come in here and help mentor the younger guys (Milloy and Chancellor). I just don’t want to be that young team that never gets good enough to take their division (ie Tampa Bay). Flynn is a great option, as long as he is competing for that starting spot, and I bet it would be a tougher spot to land vs T- Jack then most might think. Good read.

  • BrianWRN

    Excellent article. I was also impressed with Tjack toward the end of the season playing with a torn pectoral. Cannot imagine the pain he had even throwing the short passes and yet he still made intermediate throws and TRIED…yes at least he tried to make some deep passes when he had no choice. I keep reading about people coming down on him for not leading come back victories in the 4th quarter, but I would like those same people to play 3 quarters with a torn pectoral, getting hit, throwing the ball and see how they feel by the 4th quarter. I say we give him another chance. He has guts and that counts for a lot imo.

  • Well, you may not necessarily have to back T-Jack much longer, Matt Flyyn has landed in Seattle. How many games does T-Jack start next season? 

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