Seattle Seahawks 2011 Turkey Bowl Team – Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble!

Hey folks. First off thanks so much for making our two month old website a part of your daily Northwest Sports reading material. We’re working hard to get into your internet bookmarks, and hopefully you’re enjoying our bloggers and the new website.  Thanks so much for clicking around and checking us out.

We’re thankful for you!


I know I’m in Canada, but my wife is American, so I’ll be celebrating right along with you!

Ready for the Big Holiday? Ready for another Seattle Seahawks opponents feast on Sunday versus the Redskins?

Ready for a 4 day cornucopia of amazing food, great beer, and time spent with family around the table and in front of the TV?

Thanksgiving is sometimes colloquially called “Turkey Day” and all we really want to do is Drink Beer, Watch TV, and EAT Turkey! Right? Right?

In 2011 we’ll get to sit on the couch and enjoy the Packers vs. Lions, the Dolphins vs. Cowboys, and the 49ers vs. Ravens.

Red Bryant

Red Bryant is on our 2011 Seahawks Turkey Bowl Team - He's also the door man! Nice!

Whats on our Thanksgiving Day Table you ask?

The best of the best. Only healthy food will do. Ahem. Not.

For starters we’ll have Spirits and cocktails served to get you all warmed up. On the dinner table, Apple cider and some Veuve Clicquot Champagne will get you in the mood. Celery sticks, buttered rolls and some good ole baked macaroni and cheese and collard greens will roll out.

We’ll mix it up with some cornbread, pumpkin flan, and some potato salad. Is your mouth watering yet?

Next up we’ll roll out the main course.

Roast Turkey with gravy of course, we’ll have the white meat, and my favorite the dark meat. Some good ole stuffing, mashed potatoes, mashed turnip, creamed onions, cranberry sauce, and some boiled peas and carrots. Mmm Mmm good.

Coming out of the kitchen for dessert we’ll have some Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Cranberry-Port Sorbet, and some good-ole American Apple Pie and Ice cream for the kidlets.  Man I am stuffed.

Ok, now I remember why I was writing this article.  This is the one you’ve been waiting for, the 2011 Seattle Seahawks Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl team!

My 2011 Seahawks Turkey bowl team!

Our guys are the ones we’d want to sit down and eat a big ole Turkey dinner with.

QB: Charlie Whitehurst. ( Touchdown Jesus) – He’d offer up pre-game prayers for us. (He’s Jesus after all)

RB: BeastMode – Marshawn Lynch – I’d make him wear his gold grill too. Only the best at our table.

WR: Deon Butler – I feel like he’s been left out all season by the team sitting on the PUP, so why not include him in something this Thanksgiving. We probably won’t have him back next year.

TE: John Carlson – Likewise. He’s been out since pre-season. We want him to feel like he’s still a part of the team, and we’re thankful for his rookie season.

O-Lineman: All O-Lineman including James Carpenter are not invited. They would eat to much, so instead I’m inviting Long Snapper Clint Gresham. He’s only 250 lbs.

D- Lineman: Red Bryant – of course. We have to have one above average sized human being to be the doorman at our party.

Linebacker: David Hawthorne – It’s cold outside, we need a heater. Welcome to dinner, we’re thankful you’ve replaced Lofa Tatupu, he was overrated.

DB: Kam Chancellor – WE know he’s a little lighter in the wallet after the last two weeks, he could be a little down. Dinner will pick up those spirits.

ST: Jon Ryan – He’s Canadian. At least we could talk a little bit of hockey.

Alumni: Lawyer Milloy – He’s from Seattle I know he’s in town, and I’d love to hear him and Kam have a discussion about hitting WR’s HARD.

Just Because: Golden TateAt least you know you’d have some Top-Pot donuts at the table if you don’t like our other desserts.

Coaching Staff: Ken Norton Jr. I’m secretly hoping he’d bring his dad Ken Norton Sr. (It’d be cool to eat dinner with a man who had a 12-round victory over Muhammad Ali wouldn’t it?)

Hope you enjoy, have a great Holiday folks, and hit me back with your Turkey bowl team!

Would love to hear from you.       

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  • Insider Steve

    Come on now Q!! Lofa overrated? Don’t you think that maybe a bit of a stretch? I mean he was a three time pro-bowler. Those type of players do not grow on trees. I will say this though. Lofa is the perfect example of a player who’s body just broke down on him

  • Anonymous

    Lofa was great for 3 years. And 3 years ONLY. He was average at best after that. #Seahawks

    • Insider Steve

      That doesn’t make him overrated though. He was a team leader and defensive captain. I think we started to see his body break down three seasons ago. it’s a shame, but I don’t it’s fair to label him overrated

  • Anonymous

    Bah. Overrated. 3-time pro bowl – 2nd round draft picks aren’t supposed to be out of the league in 6 years. Right Anthony Simmons?

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