Tennessee Titans vs. Seahawks: NFL love ’em & hate ’em Preseason Week 1

They’re baaaaack!

Seattle 27, Tennessee 17
Where: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington
Temperature: 79° 
Head Official: Bruce Hermansen
Attendance: 65589

The Seattle Seahawks opened their year on a good note, dispatching the Tennessee Titans 27-17.

What made the story line even more interesting (and a little more satisfying) was the return of Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker in opponent uniforms.

(Steve Hutchison and Jordan Babineaux, too) CenturyLink Field was loud and rocking as the crowd allowed the Titans to fumble, bumble and stumble their way to the first loss at CLink of the 2012 season.

Let’s take a look at what I loved and hated about the first matchup of the season.

Love ’em

Russell Wilson

The rookie looked sharp despite the interception he threw in the endzone. The long pass to Braylon Edwards was a veteran move, allowing his big guy to do what he does best – cut in front of the defender, out jump him and steal the ball from up top.

Wilson’s 32 yard TD run was very impressive as well as he sold the handoff and took off down the left side of the field, untouched until the 5 yard line.

He was 12/16, showing his accuracy once again that catapulted him to success in both the college programs he played in.

Seattle Secondary

How could I talk about things I loved and NOT mention these guys? The opening play from scrimmage was a telling sign when Tennessee’s WR fumbled the ball in the air, Earl Thomas dove and tipped it trying to keep it alive, and Brandon Browner snatching it and running it in for the touchdown. Browner’s back, baby!

Then there was the Richard Sherman interception where he looked more like a WR then a CB. And of course, it wouldn’t be Richard Sherman without the outstretched arms and the showing of the ball to the TV cameras.

This secondary looks poised to make this a formidable defense this season. QBs watch out.

Braylon Edwards

I was not initially sold when the Seahawks signed Braylon Edwards this offseason. After seeing him last night, I am warming up quickly. I know he only caught 2 balls, but it’s how he handled himself then and when he was not targeted.

The touchdown was spectacular, as Edwards played his game and out-jumped the safety for the ball. He showed he still has it as he cut that defender off from making a play then used him as a barrier to roll over into the endzone. Vintage Edwards.

What people didn’t see is what impressed me most, though. His route running was pretty on point and he was in on several plays where he made an impact as a decoy or a blocker.

Matt Flynn, Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson made their Seahawk debuts against the Titans. Look at those uni’s!!

I can’t wait to see what he brings to this team this season.

Zach Miller

Zach Miller looked like he was a lot more comfortable out there than he did all last season. He was targeted twice and caught both passes, but it’s the fact that he was actually able to move downfield and be an active target instead of a 6th lineman.

Last year, Miller was utilized in a way that made him almost vulnerable. This year, it seems he may actually get to do what he loves to best – get downfield and make plays.

Hate ’em

Punt Team

I know it was just the first game, but the 85 yard punt return TD was uncalled for. So many things went wrong on that play, it’s ridiculous. It was a quick lesson and horrific reminder of last season’s first loss to San Francisco.

The Seahawks can’t allow that stuff to happen anymore.

For starters, Jon Ryan punted the ball 55 yards, a stellar punt in most situations. In this situation, though, he outkicked his coverage. Guys were not in place to make the initial tackle and it burned them.

Second, the punt team was unable to stop or slow the Tennessee return man, something they must do in order to not repeat last season’s misery on special teams.

Like I said, I know it’s the first game…people will learn from their mistakes. But they had better do it quickly.

First team offense

Another “I know it was just the first game” scenario – but it could make or break this team this season if they don’t learn from their mistakes in this game. Matt Flynn did look good in his first game as a Seahawk.

The dig I have, though, is despite being 11/12 passing, Flynn did not challenge the Titans DB’s one single time. Most of his passes were dump passes, going for 5 yards or less.

A big reason the Seahawks got him was his accuracy, yes, but also because he could throw an accurate DEEP ball, too.

He did not show that one single time in this game. He was also sacked twice, both his own doing.

While there was a LOT to love and not much to hate about this game, there was still some things that need to be worked on.

YES, it was the first game of the season, I know.

But I am just calling it as I see it. Smile…football’s BACK!


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