Week 9 Endgame: The blueprint for victory – Bucs vs. Seahawks

Seahawks keys to success

Will the Seahawks uncover the pirate’s chest that contains their 8th W.  Or will the offensive line leak like a sieve leaving Russell Wilson sinking under the depths of the Buccaneer pass rush while watching the possibility of 8-1 drift at sea like a ghost ship into a fog bank?

On the surface what we see is a 7-1 home team facing an 0-7 away team.  

It is easy to look at this matchup and think, “All the Seahawks have to do is show up.”

I think we should dig a little bit deeper.

You may notice I mentioned the Seahawks offense as the only plausible cause for the Seahawks to falter on Sunday?  That was by design, not only because the defense is so good but because the Buccaneers’ offense is so bad.

In fact they rank in the top half of the NFL in only 1 category, 4th down conversions.

Yep, their offensive failure has been so bad that it has actually given the team something to hang their helmets on.

Defensively the Buccaneers are a bit better.

They are ranked 14th in opponents yards per passing play and 13th in passing touchdowns.  Seattle’s offense ranks 7th and 8th in the NFL respectively.

That is where I am going to challenge the team.  I’ll say, for the sake of argument, that the Seahawks need to be somewhere around their 7.5-yards per passing play average to beat the Buccaneers.

Or at least beat them as badly as they should.

What the Seahawks really need to focus on is themselves.  Darrell Bevell needs to get Marshawn Lynch involved in the game.  I don’t care if he averages 1.5-yards per carry I still want him to get at least 20 carries this week.

Darrell Bevell needs to get Marshawn Lynch involved in the game

Darrell Bevell needs to get Marshawn Lynch involved in the game

I don’t want to hear excuses as to why they couldn’t get him the ball.

I’d like to see the defense do a better job tackling in the running game.  I have seen far too many missed tackles lately. Take better angles on Sunday.

Hopefully some home cooking and 12th man atmosphere will help the team tackle better than they have the past couple weeks.

The Legion of Boom should have a lot of opportunities to make plays as Mike Glennon throws the ball an average of 45 times per game.  Most of those passes target Vincent Jackson.

Who can blame him?

Jackson is 6’5″ which usually gives him a several inch height advantage against the cornerback he faces.  Sunday will be a little bit different against the Legion of Boom who, outside of Earl Thomas, are giants among defensive backs.

Another one of Glennon’s favorite targets is rookie tight end Timothy Wright.  Wright has caught 19 passes in the 4 games that Mike has started.

It will be important for the Seattle linebackers and safeties to keep an eye on him.

I think the Seahawks are up for the task.

Every-time I expect the Seahawks to blow someone out they barely win or lose.  I’m going to stick to my guns and say the Seahawks win the game 38-10.

Go Seahawks!


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