Seahawks vs. Steelers What We Learned On Sunday!

Week 2: Highlights + Lowlights

It’s never fun to see your team get shut out, especially to a big rival.  But amid the low hanging clouds from an ugly game, there are always rays of sunshine somewhere to be found.

I’ll break down what the Seahawks did well and what they still need to work on.

We’ll start with the defensive line.  The defensive line still looked good despite giving up a couple 9 and 10 yard runs.  They had constant pressure on Roethlisberger but just couldn’t close the deal.  Chris Clemons had an impressive sack and Raheem Brock was in the Steeler backfield often.  Despite being double teamed most of the game, Brandon Mebane held his own and disrupted several plays.  Alan Branch and Red Bryant had 2 tackles each as well.  Although the offensive line seemed overpowered several times throughout the game, they were throwing and knocking Pittsburgh players to the ground like tackle dummies.

The offensive line, despite giving up 5 more sacks this week, looked like a new bunch of guys.  This is the first week all of our lineman were starting, with Robert Gallery back in the lineup.  The sacks hurt, but the offensive line gave Tarvaris Jackson plenty more opportunities to make plays than they did last week.

Look for them to continue improving as the rookies John Moffitt and James Carpenter get more experience in there.  One issues that still needs working on is opening up running lanes for our running backs, who kept getting stuffed at the line or had to try and hit the edges because all inside running lanes were collapsed.

Our safeties played another spectacular game.  Pittsburgh had only 2 passes of more than 20 yards and those were due to blown coverages by our linebackers and cornerbacks.  Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor‘s names were called more than anyone else on the Seahawks defense with Aaron Curry coming in at a close third.

Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas

The biggest weakness was cornerback Brandon Browner, who got beat quite a few times and did not bump players off the line.  Seahawks defensive schemes and coverages don’t work if you don’t bump that receiver coming off the line which the Seahawks failed to do several times.  Curry, despite dropping an easy interception, looked good as well, making key stops and saving big yardage plays from happening.

Tarvaris Jackson, despite the extra time he had, just could not make plays when they counted.  Although the receivers dropped a few balls they could have easily had, Jackson’s timing and rhythm seemed to be off.  He was constantly overthrowing receivers or putting the ball high enough where it became a hazard for the wide receivers to go up and get it.  There were a few plays, like the pass to Mike Williams, that could have been completed had he threw the ball a second earlier.

Instead, receivers were unable to catch the ball inbounds or the ball sailed right by them.   Jackson’s pocket presence was good, as he stepped up under the pressure he did get, but he just could not get the ball out in time and could not hit his receivers in the chest like a quarterback should.

Despite what they numbers say, the Seahawks look decent.  They’re no Super Bowl contender by any stretch of the imagination, but they show a lot of promise.

Being the second youngest team in the NFL has its advantages and disadvantages, as we saw today.

In the near future, though, that youth will pay off big and bring forth a solid team for years to come.  With more time and experience, the Seahawks can only get better.

They’ve got the strong foundation to do it, now they just need to put it together a little better.

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