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At the Draft

Seattle Seahawks fans, along with the majority of NFL fans around the nation, are currently clamoring for any information that they can get about their team. And while Seattle sports fans are ecstatic about the Sounders FC and Mariners beginning their seasons soon, there is still always more room for football.

Luckily for those in need of news, the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine is already in progress and providing great material to work with when talking about Seattle.

The combine is a time for coaches to get a better look at the raw ability of all the player that will try to find a way onto an NFL roster and make an immediate impact at the next level. And while teams may find that one player who can complete their roster and become a big factor, the Seahawks are in a stage of their development where they are looking to build with the talent already on their roster.

Where do the Seahawks stand at this point in the year?

Where do the Seahawks stand at this point in the year?

This leaves quite the predicament for the coaches when it comes to the 2013 NFL Draft.

While the Seahawks could surely draft whatever players they think best and use all of their picks to give them the best chance at another surprise player, Seattle could potentially deal their picks to other teams for proper compensation. What route they decide to take we will not know until draft day.

But it’s not as if all of Seattle’s operations are barred to the public. In fact, in an interview on The John Clayton Show this past weekend, Pete Carroll noted several things worth mentioning in relation to the state of the Seahawks.

We’ll recap the most important for you.

Where the Team Currently Stands

Pete Carroll is emphatic about where the team currently stands. In the interview with John Clayton, Carroll opened with how they began to realize around two years ago that they had the pieces to make a run. Supplemented by an incredible draft this past year, everybody in the Seattle organization firmly believes the team is equipped for a championship.

But while talented, the players are also young. Carroll mentioned that the players not only have to keep developing their talents, but they also must realize that they have what it takes to get to a championship.

Seattle’s head coach also was enthusiastic–as usual–about just every aspect of the team. From their youthful roster to the veterans helping to guide the young players, Carroll sounded as if he was just about ready to spring out of his seat with excitement. Seattle is now a destination that people want to come to and a team that athletes want to play for.

Perhaps the most resonating statement that evidences where the Seahawks are right now was Carroll saying that “we have nothing to stop us but ourselves.”

If you’re a Seattle fan and that doesn’t get you jacked, I don’t know what will.

Talking about the Future

While the Seahawks players may have their eyes set solely on next season, the front office and rest of the organization has a clear plan for the coming years, especially in relation to contracts.

As Carroll stated, the Seahawks are both benefit and lose from the number of rookie contracts they have on the roster.

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll has big plans for the Seahawks in the future.

On the one hand, Seattle has the most talented, young roster at a very efficient cost. This allows them to potentially reach out and pay a few more dollars than other teams would.

And yet, Carroll notes, the Seahawks aren’t exactly just going to shell out all of their money. As will happen in the coming years, the rookie contracts that are currently part of Seattle’s finances will rebound in the form of them needing to renegotiate contracts with players. With the kind of talent the Seahawks currently have, this likely means those players will become A LOT more expensive when that time comes around.

Carroll did offer some relief in that regard, though, as he did mention that Seattle’s front office is already planning for this time to come and that he can only hope they are able to retain all of the talented players they would like to.

Present Needs

The above point does not mitigate the fact that Seattle does need to address some current needs–particularly at LB and on the DL–in order to take their team to the next level.

The Seahawks will have two great pass rushers in Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons but, as Carroll stated, need a third guy to be able to step up when his number is called. Had the Seahawks had this kind of player on their roster last year against Atlanta, who knows what kind of pressure could have been put on Matt Ryan.

That being said, it’s currently unknown whether Seattle will go after a proven veteran or try to draft another rookie. Though there are plenty of talented players in the draft, you play a great risk in assuming a young player will always be there to help you. At this point, it may be better for Seattle to go after a proven commodity.

Another concern on the defensive side of the ball is a concern about the linebacking corps the Seahawks will be working with. While talented and young players like Bobby Wagner will be with the team for years to come, Carroll mentioned that they are looking for a little more depth at the position because of how young they are.

It’s also unclear how the Seahawks will address this issue.

Shifting to the offensive side of the ball, Carroll and John Clayton talked about wide receivers and whether the Hawks would be willing to go out and pay good money for a proven receiver. In response to a question by Clayton, Carroll said that it depends on who the receiver is.

Seattle will not just take any player because they are a big name, they will go after a player that fits their system.

Look for them to do the same at wide receiver in the coming year.

Matt Flynn

Carroll was a little two-sided on the Matt Flynn issue, as are many Seattle fans.

On the one hand, it would would be great to have a backup like Flynn on your roster. With his semi-proven ability to efficiently lead a team, Flynn is a nice security blanket in case the worst happens to Russell Wilson.

That being said, Seattle could very well elect to trade him away for a need that they need to fill, or for draft picks in the future. As is the case with many of the questions surrounding the Seahawks, only time will tell what way they go.

Check out the entire podcast here:


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