Spotlight: Marshawn Lynch Will Out-Muscle You On Sunday!

Hard Work Has A Name: “BeastMode”

Seahawks‘ RB Marshawn Lynch only ranks 21st in the NFL in rushing yards as of November 14th, but he had his 2nd straight 100+ yard rushing game in the Seattle Seahawks surprise win over Baltimore this past Sunday.


Despite the stats Lynch has to be considered one of the hardest working running backs in the league. (Perhaps even the history of the league)

Here are some reasons why…

1. Lynch has had to be THE man on offense

Lynch has had to shoulder the offensive load this season since the QB play in Seattle has been less than stellar to say the least.

Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst have struggled and on top of that the Seahawks do not have a very good WR corps. (In my opinion, when stacked up against others in the league)

Because of this teams are stacking the line to stop Lynch, which makes it that much harder to run the ball.

2. Lynch is a legit receiver

Lynch not only has to be the lead back, but a pass-catching RB as well. He is Seattle’s 4th leading receiver this season and in Sunday’s win over the Ravens he caught 5 passes for 58 yards.

3. Lynch Is Not afraid of contact

Lynch is a big RB that is not afraid of contact and he is not an easy guy to take down. Even when he is hit his legs keep churning and is no stranger of making something out of nothing.

Seahawks Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch Will out muscle you on Sunday!

This is even more the case since the Seattle offensive line has had their issues this season opening up holes for him. Granted they are improving, but the depth will be put to a huge test moving forward with the loss of RG John Moffitt. Tom Cable has his work cut out for him.

4. Facing stiff competition

Yeah Lynch only ranks 21st in the league in rushing yards and is only averaging 3.9 yards per carry, but in the first half of the season all but 3 of the teams he has faced had a solid run defense.

In his 8 games this season 5 of the teams have a run defense that ranks in the top 10 in the league in San Francisco (1st), Pittsburgh (7th), Cincinnati (2nd), Atlanta (4th), and Baltimore (3rd) and Dallas ranks 11th.

5. He is not getting much rest

Lynch is not only not getting much help from the Seattle pass offense, which ranks 22nd in the league, but also has to be in on most of the plays since the Seahawks’ 2nd leading rusher is Leon Washington, not exactly someone who will scare a blitzing linebacker.

Plus Leon only has 137 rushing yards on the season. Some will say he’s being underused, but I argue Lynch is being used right.

For the Seahawks to win he has to get 25-30 touches per game.

My argument isn’t that Lynch is the best RB, just one of the hardest working. He has to be in that debate. Forsett isn’t the future, Leon isn’t an every down back, but Marshawn Lynch deserves to be a Seattle Seahawk for a very long time.

If you don’t agree with me just watch this again!

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  • Insider Steve

    You cannot suger coat the lack of production of Marshawn Lynch with any type of excuse. He has played in 20 games as a Seahawk, and has on avg 14 carries, 54 yards at 3.7 YPC. per game.

    There are no excuses..

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