Thanks for the memories Sidney Rice

Salary cap casualties

We all knew this day was coming, especially after the injuries that Sidney Rice has suffered during his tenure in Seattle, but it doesn’t make it any easier to stomach for fans.

Rice isn’t the only casualty either. Names like Zach Miller, Chris Clemons, Red Bryant and others have made their way onto the list of over priced, and expendable, players on this Seattle Seahawks football team.

Michael Robinson said it best in Jerry Brewer’s article in the Seattle Times, “If you think there’s loyalty in this game…that’s your fault.” Robinson added, “Because there’s not.” Harsh words aren’t they?

This hurts for fans and players alike, especially the players who actually felt the camaraderie and family like environment that Pete Carroll brought to Seattle, but who’s time may be up with the club.

Nothing against these other players who may or may not be getting their pink slips, but this piece is to focus on Sidney Rice and his time spent with the Seahawks.

Rice in Seattle

While here in Seattle, Rice has only played one full season out of three that he was on contract for. So, it’s not really a brain buster that he will be one of the first to have his contract terminated.


Sidney Rice is all but gone from the Seahawks. (Photo:

Rice always has the potential to be a big game receiver, and has shown glimpses of that here, but the fact that he can’t stay healthy makes this business move one of the best of the off-season.

While playing in 33 games for the Hawks, Rice had a combined 12 touchdowns, with his largest single season total coming in the 2012 season where he amassed seven.

As with other explosive receivers in this league, you either burn your defender, or you get burned. I’m not going to say that Rice got burned more often than he burnt defenders, but he clearly wasn’t used in the same capacity that the Minnesota Vikings used with him.

Rice was what you would call a “fantasy bust,” and more often than not, when you suck in fantasy, you also aren’t playing up to your potential on the real football field either.

And when high-priced talent isn’t producing high-priced numbers, the pathway to the exit door becomes a lot wider and more apparent than ever before.


This isn’t meant to be a bash on Rice piece at all, even though it may sound like it. Just like Brewer alluded to in his piece highlighted above, football is a business, and there are always casualties in this business.

My favorite memory of the Sidney Rice era had to be the TD he scored in Arizona on Thursday Night Football this past season.

I was in attendance at this game, and even though I was in the upped deck, the TD pass to Rice happened in the exact corner of the end zone I was sitting in.

The ability to get space, and evade receivers, especially on plays where Russell Wilson is scrambling, is what will be truly missed about Rice.

Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Golden Tate all have the ability to make the spectacular plays, but Rice seemed to just know where to be on the football field.

Here is a video of the highlights from that game in Arizona, courtesy of YouTube.

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