The Marshawn Lynch DUI arrest is a bad deal for Seahawks

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The Headline Reads: Seahawks‘ star Running Back arrested while driving under the influence

Why, oh why do these NFL players keep doing this?

Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch is just another name in the long line of players who have been arrested for driving while drunk.

The NFL has a program in place called “Safe Ride”, where a drunk player simply makes a phone call if he is too intoxicated to drive, and a firm hired by the NFLPA will pick them up and take them home.

Despite that, Lynch, who was in Oakland to award a scholarship through his “Fam 1st Family Scholarship” Program, was pulled over Saturday night on Interstate 880 and arrested for blowing over the .08 blood-alcohol limit.

See the irony in that?

What says family first more than driving drunk?

Now, there is the obligatory, “arrested on suspicion, let’s wait until all of the facts come out”, but as fans, we’ve seen this movie play out before.

Marshawn Lynch DUI

Lynch should not have even put himself in a situation like this.

Lynch should not have even put himself in a situation like this.

Now, Lynch is a great player.

Heck, he was arguably the hardest running back in the whole league last year, but this arrest is no good for the person, nor the player.

Nothing is worse than endangering people’s lives, and that is the worst thing about this story, but there may be repercussions that hurt the Seahawks once the new league year starts.

The worse thing that could happen to the Seahawks, and something that seems likely with Lynch’s track record (a 2008 hit-and-run, a 2009 gun charge among them), is that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspends him for 4 games to start the new year.

Another offseason has seen numerous off the field antics happen around the league with various players, and I’m sure Goodell is just itching to dole out some punishment.

Brutal Timing

This just couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

To make the timing even less favourable, the Seahawks’ training camp is set to kick off on July 27, and this could be another distraction at a time when they ‘Hawks don’t need any.

They are fully entrenched in a Quarterback battle, and the running game was supposed to be the one thing they could rely on.

Now, that could be out the window, at least for the short term.

If Lynch misses any games, are the Seahawks prepared to start rookie Robert Turbin, Leon Washington, or gasp… Kregg Lumpkin? Maybe move Michael Robinson up into Lynch’s position? Unlikely I know but he could see a lot more carries than he’s expecting in 2012.

Not Beastmode

They are all game players, but none are Lynch, a Pro-Bowl calibre back who steamrolled through defenses last year.

They need the stability Marshawn could provide while the Quarterback situation gets settled.

Another thing that has to be disheartening to the ‘Hawks, is what this means for Lynch going forward.

He signed a 4 year, $31 million dollar contract with the team in March, due to, yes, his play on the field, but also the idea that the past troubles that made the Buffalo Bills trade him to Seattle, were behind him.

They may not be.

Seahawks Draft Picks

Coach Carroll needs the stability Marshawn could provide while the Flynn vs. T-Jack vs. Wilson QB battle gets settled.. (Photo Credit / US Presswire)

Is this a sign of his lack of maturity returning to the fore?

Could he be getting too comfortable in Seattle and be reverting back to old habits.

Time will tell, but many players have had these incidents snowball into more incidents of trouble down the road.

Seahawk fans want to give their player the reasonable doubt, and full support, but that undying support is starting to wear thin for all NFL players.

These DUIs are getting out of hand

Heck, I have friends with regular paying jobs who know how to call for a cab, or take the transit when they’ve had a few too many.

Aren’t we supposed to hold our sports heroes to higher standards?

They represent our community, the team, and should show younger players how to act. Seahawks Season ticket holders and weekly 12th man ticket buyers are paying part of this guys salary.

Maybe that’s asking too much.

Maybe Lynch never signed that big contract to be a role model to anyone.

Maybe we are just supposed to let this go as another incident in the ongoing woes of NFL misbehavior. 

I hope for the best for Lynch, and am glad that no one was injured or killed in this incident.

Seahawks fans hope for the best, and hope that Lynch remains the great player has been and can provide a positive image for the team going forward, because the only vice they want to see him indulge in this year is the occasional bag of Skittles after a touchdown.


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  • NWSportsBeat

    Great read Reggie. You ask some good ?’s. I hope the NFL given him what he deserves IF he’s found guilty. As a loyal 12th man fan my entire life I can only hope he “barely” blew over and the suspension is less than 3 games. That would be best case scenario of course one would think.

  • Im so proud to have a team of guys like Jackson, Bryant, Washington & Trufant, among others, who are even better humans than they are athletes. I’d rather have 10 Obomanu’s than 1 DeShawn Jackson, because they’re so much easier to root for. I’d rather go 7-9 with the guys I mentioned above than 12-4 w/ a bunch of selfish, me-first, overpaid Albert Haynesworths. This really breaks my heart because I thought Marshawn had finally found some sort of inner serenity, then Justin Forsett signed w/ Houston. I hope this somehow isn’t true, but I’ve heard about another incident w/ Lynch & a taxi driver here in Sea-Tac that is still in litigation & will probably settle & never hit the news, Regardless, this news unfortunately doesn’t shock me 1 bit. Praying for you Marshawn #12thMan

  • If 3 run-ins with the law doesn’t wake you up, will 4, will 5? I just wish certain players could learn from their past mistakes and tread lightly, instead of just repeating these sour events over and over again

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