5 Ways The Seahawks Were Short-Changed vs. Browns Sunday

Bad Luck, Bad Calls and Bad Outcomes

Let me start by saying on Sunday the Seattle Seahawks didn’t do much to help their own cause.  They managed 137 yards of offense, had the ball for only 17:04, and backup QB Charlie Whitehurst , filling in for Tarvaris Jackson, completed 12 of 30 passes for 97 yards and couldn’t get the Seahawks moving at all.


But wait, there’s more, making matters worse, Seattle was penalized 8 times, and its biggest play was called back by a penalty. Now for the details.

Lynch Goes Down

During the pre-game warm-ups Seahawks starting running back Marshawn Lynch, who was coming off of his best regular season game as a Seahawk against the Giants in week 5, tweaked his back and was unavailable during the game.

Without Lynch the Seahawks managed just 65 yards on 17 attempts against the leagues 27th ranked run defense that was giving up an average of almost 130 yards per contest coming into the game.

“Refs Screwed the Seahawks” – Muffing in the Cribbs Equals no Consequance

Apparently when your name is Josh Cribbs you can call a fair catch, muff the punt, and Mike Carey’s (Referee) officiating crew will still protect you under the fair catch rule.

After muffing a punt in the first quarter Cleveland punt returner Josh Cribbs simply picked up the ball with three Seahawks players bearing down on him and the officials whistled the ball dead.

Now I am not saying if had they been allowed to hit him they would have jarred the ball lose but it was a possibility.

Diving Players Rewarded

In the event of a low scoring game during the second half of the month of October; Any Browns player who dives for a tackle in punt coverage (but misses the tackle and it leads to a return for a touchdown) shall be rewarded by placing the ball ten yards behind the spot where he dove. The return team shall start their drive there and the touchdown removed from the score board.

Captain Cleveland

The only thing funny about the Seahawks/Browns game...

Never heard of that rule?

Perhaps Mike’s crew was  just following Bill Leavy’s (Super Bowl XL Referee) lead and making it up as they went along.

Slippery Field?

That is no problem if you are a Cleveland Brown’s cornerback.

If you fall down in coverage and the receiver you are supposed to be covering makes a big play he shall be called for a penalty for running away from you while you are on the ground. Since that is too wordy we will just call it pass interference and group it in with pushing off.

White on Rice

And stink on……well you get my point.

The Seahawks ultimately short-changed themselves by playing like crap and being unprepared. There is not a player or a coach on that team that should be sleeping well this week.

Yeah, one bad call was the points difference in the game but it should have never come to that.

It is disgusting how bad the officiating was but then again it wasn’t any worse then the play on the field, so no matter how you spin it players didn’t make plays today and that is why the Seahawks lost the game.

It should have never been close enough for calls to effect it.

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  • NWsportsfn

    When I heard the Seahawks vs. Browns game called a “refund game”, that was not far from the truth.  True, some calls by the referees were a bit questionable.  True, having Lynch mess his back up in pregame warmups, of all times to do it, was a hit to the moral and mental readiness of the team. However, heaven forbid the Offense move the ball in any discernible, forward motion toward the end zone. The Defense/Special Teams saved the game for both sides really!  Can there be one common denominator for the loss the Seahawks suffered…no, believe it was FUBAR from the kick off!

  • Bvance

    Can anyone remember a time when us (Seahawks Fans) went “Wow” that was a bad call, good thing it was against the other team.  I know the Refs try to call a fair game, but how is it that Seattle is always the one being called for the horrible officiating mistakes???  Can a call ever go for us??  There were at least 5 really bad calls on Sunday’s game against the Browns.  Our team really sucks offensively, but do we need the Refs to help out the other team all the time???  I am just saying…………….

  • Anonymous

    Q here from NWSB. Can’t say I disagree with these comments. Its a little bit how do I say it impartially…LOL. BRUTAL! I just want 1x to have a game where I say, OH man you know what?? We got a lot of lucky calls that game…lol

  • Seattle Sports Fan

    Bad vibes from the very start.The calls just sent me back to the poorly officated superbowl.We struggle on offense but the pass interference calls were just one sided.

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