Remaining NFL schedule “easy” Seahawks now push for the playoffs

The tough part is done

Starting with this past weeks matchup with the Minnesota Vikings, the Seattle Seahawks have officially gotten into the weak part of their schedule.

Of course with three conference games remaining, and the away game at Soldier Field, nothing is a gimme.

The Seahawks have been scoring in droves the past two weeks, and next week’s game against the New York Jets at home should be another high scoring game for the Hawks.

Gone are the days of the defense holding our opponents tight, giving us a way to eke out a victory, now we have the offensive prowess to get the lead, and then hold on.

There was the fluke last second loss to Detroit, but the way this team has rallied around their rookie QB Russell Wilson is quite impressive.

Pete Carroll

Expect to see this face a lot more in the 2nd half. (Photo Yahoo! Sports)

How far have we come?

Speaking of offense, leave it to Golden Tate to come out of nowhere and be the big game receiver that the Hawks thought they were drafting 3 years ago.

Tate now has 5 TD’s on the year, that is 3 more than he scored combined in his career leading up to this season.

Last year could be a wash because of the man we used to call T-Jack, but with Seahawk legend Matt Hasselbeck under center, Tate was merely a underachieving rookie.

We now have options on offense besides Marshawn Lynch, and this is going to propel us into the playoffs this year.

Last year we were a game shy of being .500, thanks in part to a loss on the last day of the year to Arizona, this year, we are over .500 at the half way point. Including a plus 3 win total.

How far can we go?

With the added offense to go along with our defense, we should be able to go 5-2 over the last 7 games.

This is more than just a prediction on my part, this is a reality.

With home games against the New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, and St. Louis Rams, we are in good shape.

I pick us to go 3-1 with our remaining home games, with the lone loss coming against SF.

Russell Wilson Seahawks

Russell Wilson finally has this offense going in the right direction (Photo:

The only problem is playing on the road, where the offense has stunk, with the exception of the game at Detroit two weeks ago.

The remaining road games of the season are at Miami, at Chicago, and at Buffalo.

Thankfully these aren’t the away games we faced at the beginning of the year, and I think we can go 2-1, with the loss coming at Chicago.

The 49ers are a thorn in everybody’s side this year, but we damn near beat them in SF earlier in the year, so I wouldn’t be surprised, or even angry, if my prediction in that game was reversed.

Playing the Bears in Chicago is a completely different thing though, the Bears seem to have all the answers this year, and with the weather most likely going to be cold, I just don’t see us winning this game.

What this means for the division

If my predictions are true, the Seahawks will finish 10-6 on the year.

Hopefully this would be enough to win the division, but that all relies on how we do against SF, and how the 49ers finish their year.

With the Cardinals and Rams just about out of it at the half way point, this becomes a two team race for the finish, as many of us Seahawks fans thought it would be.

The 49ers remaining schedule looks tougher than ours does, with the exception of two Rams games left.

They also play the Bears, but at home, and they have games against the Saints away, and Patriots away. All this plays into our favor with our schedule looking a lot easier than theirs.

But for a tie-breaker to happen, first the 9ers will have to go 4-4 in their remaining games, and second, we will have to not only beat them at home, but score a crap load of points in doing so.

It is not impossible, but I think a Wild Card berth is more likely. And that also will depend on not only us, but the rest of the NFC as well.

Keep thinking positive thoughts Hawks fans, as I know I will be. The playoffs are not so far out of reach this year.


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