Sea-Humor! A few reasons to miss Charlie Whitehurst

TD Jesus signs with San Diego. Again.

At the end of this last NFL season, the Seahawks knew they weren’t going to resign backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. Now, with free agency in full swing, Whitehurst has signed a two year deal with his former team, the San Diego Chargers.

This is news that may solidify the prospect of  Matt Flynn being signed by the Seahawks in the next 24 hours or so. And to nobody’s surprise, very few Seahawks fans will miss Whitehurst.

That is, except for me.

Here is my top five reasons why I will miss Charlie Whitehurst dearly. And it’s not for the reasons you all may be thinking.

1: Seattle will never have another reason to cheer for Jesus

Be it the nickname “Clipboard Jesus,” or my personal favorite, “Touchdown Jesus,” us 12th men will never be able to cheer for the Holy One’s namesake in our blue and green again.

He neither turned the Gatorade into wine, nor presented us with any miracles, unless you count his blockbuster game against the Rams to win us the division a miracle, but he looked so damn good with a Hawks ball cap on the side line didn’t he?

2: Now we will never see a Seahawk sponsored Head and Shoulders commercial

It has always been my dream to see one of my Seahawks on a national TV commercial. Be it a nod to the Coke ad of Mean Joe Green, or even a PSA a la Doug Flutie.

But honestly, as a fan of both Head and Shoulders, and the long flowing hair of Whitehurst, I always secretly hoped he would have his day in the sun taking over for Troy Polamalu in the shampoo ads.

Wouldn’t that be a sight. Tarvaris Jackson playing around in the locker room, stealing Jesus’ shampoo? I tell you, If only I had a camera, I could’ve made that a reality.

Charlie Whitehurst and Pete Carroll

Can we get our draft picks back from San Diego now that they've got him again?

3: Another example of Pete Carroll’s terrific eye for NFL QB’s

Everybody knows that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll heavily recruited Whitehurst out of high school to come to USC. Whitehurst ended up going to Clemson instead of USC, but this still falls into the same category I think.

With the ever growing list of quarter backs that coach Carroll had his eyes on, not one of them has amounted to much in the NFL. This makes me very happy actually, but I’m biased I guess.

I can’t stand Pete Carroll, and wish he would take his talents back to the college game.

4: The last Seahawks QB to lead the team to the division championship

Technically this title could just as easily go to Matt Hasselbeck, but it was Whitehurst that demolished the Rams in that final game of the season to give us the title.

Offensive finesse by a QB has rarely been seen since that Sunday in St. Louis, but I have faith that our time will come again Seahawks fans.

5: No reason to cheer for a healthy T-Jack now

With Whitehurst gone now, it gives me absolutely no reason what so ever to be happy that Tarvaris Jackson is healthy and starting for the Hawks.

At least last year, Jackson’s health gave us something to look forward to so we didn’t have to witness Whitehurst struggle through any more games.

This may be a little harsh, and to Charlie Whitehurst, I apologize. But honestly, can Pete Carroll make any more stupid QB decisions?

This guy is supposed to be a football genius.

And I know for a fact there were better free agent options in both of the seasons in which Whitehurst and Jackson were signed.

I seriously hope he doesn’t drop the ball again this off season. The NFC West is our division, and we need a top QB to win it.

Not some guy who Carroll liked in high school.


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  • nxtm

    Who else was available that would have signed with us for so little?  Since no franchise qb was reasonably available to us, build the team around the qb position. Sounds like a good plan. Or do you wish we had chased Kolb last year. If we can’t find a quality qb this year, and I don’t want us to go all in on someone with hardly any experience or reach in the draft, I’d like to see us improve our pass rush and I’d like to see our tight ends get more involved in the passing game instead of being held back to block this year.  I think J. Jones will provide competition to this years draft class and don’t expect him to suddenely have a “breakthrough” year with us. A McCoy needs to work on his drops but I don’t think there’ll be anyone to challenge him for his third spot this year. I could be wrong about that but I don’t see us drafting a TE this year. Last year teams started to figure out that running to the edge was better than up the gut so I wouldn’t be surprised if we looked at some LB’s for some picks.

  • Llhorton50

    You “Hate” Pete?? You havent been a “Real” Seahawk fan very long most of us “Real” fans remeber when game tickets were left on windshields downtown. So get a grip buddy

    • Clinton

      I had season tickets during the Chuck Knox days, so I have been a real fan for quite a while. I do hate Pete. With a passion. Yes he is better than your boy Tom Flores, but he is no NFL coach. Never will be. The sooner he gets fired, the better in my opinion.

  • Funny to read these comments now that the Seahawks have landed Flynn. He’s no clipboard Jesus, but let the new era begin!

  • NWSportsBeat

    WE don’t know what Flynn is yet. So lets let it play out. I welcome the competition with T-Jack. May the best man win!

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