The Seahawks will lose the NFC Championship, unless they win…

Two Reasons They Win & One They’ll Lose

The Seattle Seahawks have made it to the NFC championship game.  Standing in their way are those felonious, yet whiny thugs from the city by the bay, the San Francisco 49ers.

But seriously Hawks fans… Would you have it any other way?

I, for one, would not.  I also don’t want there to be an excuses from either side.  I hope Percy Harvin is good to go because I don’t want Seattle fans talking about, “Yeah, if we just had Percy” the same way I don’t want Colin Kaepernick knocked unconscious on the sidelines when his helmet lands right in the crotch of Jim Harbaugh.

Seriously, though, all I ask is for a good, clean game that is not decided by anything other than great play by one side or another.   Under that assumption, here are two reasons why I think Seahawks will prevail this Sunday.

Russell Wilson

Sing it with me… First name Russell… last name Wiiiilson.  Yes, I realize Russell Wilson‘s numbers have not been great as of late, but he has been going against some of the better defenses the past 4-5 games or so.  Besides, look at his record at home against the 49ers.

  • Att/Comp 23/40
  • Yds 313
  • TD/Int 5/2

Russell Wilson is like Mt. St. Helens just waiting to explode right now and he loves to play at home against the 49ers.  He’s unfairly taking some heat for his numbers against New Orleans where he threw for just over 100 yards in the game.

Russell Wilson will look to out-duel Colin Kaepernick in the NFC Championship game.

Russell Wilson will look to out-duel Colin Kaepernick in the NFC Championship game.

People seem to forget that the New Orleans game was held during a monsoon and neither team was trying to throw the ball much because of the weather.  Even Drew Brees had just 34 yards in the first half thanks to the excessive winds.

By the 4th quarter when the wind let up and Brees started throwing again, Wilson didn’t need to throw anymore. No, Wilson is just biding his time like a leashed dog waiting to attack.  Darrell Bevell is the guy holding the leash, and as conservative as Bevell has been as of late,

I think that ends this Sunday provided the weather conditions allow for it. Look for Wilson to have a game where he “takes over” with both his arm and his legs.

I think you’ll see more deep shots in the passing game and more designed runs for Wilson.  It’s the NFC Championship.  There’s no reason to leave anything in the locker room at this point.

The Seattle Defense

In the last 4 overall games against the 49ers (2 at Century Link, 2 at Candlestick) the 49ers’ offense has been stifled.  In those 4 games, they’ve scored a combined 48 points.  That’s just 12 points a game for the 49ers regardless of what stadium they are playing in.

Even in their two victories over Seattle, the 49ers only scored a total of 32 points, or an average of 16 points per game.   In the 49ers’ two losses, they’ve scored just 16 points total for an average of 8 points per game.

Thank an amazing front 7 lead by Michael Bennett and Bobby Wagner and a suffocating secondary led by Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman for those numbers. The Seahawks have only scored less than 17 points in a game 3 times all year and in 2 of those 3 contests they STILL WON THE GAME!

Anyway you stack it, the numbers tell you that the San Francisco offense struggles against the Seattle defense, especially in Seattle.  If the Seattle D plays an average game against the 49ers, the 49ers lose.

Yes, Seattle could lose too

The X factor to me is still Colin Kaepernick.  He runs like a gazelle and he’s got a strong arm.  The question is: Which Kaepernick will show up for the NFC Championship game on Sunday?

The Seahawks really haven’t seen Kaepernick at the top of his game in Seattle.  I believe Kaepernick has one of those “from the neck up” injuries when it comes to playing on Century Link field.

He seems to have voices in his head that tell him to throw the ball poorly when he’s in Seattle.

Up until now, he’s been listening to the voices in his head.  In his last 2 games in the Emerald City, Kaep has thrown 4 picks vs. just 1 touchdown.

If Kaep can find a way to silence the voices of the 12th man in his head, it could be a long day for the Seahawks. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE SEAHAWKS PAGE IN OUR CLUBHOUSE SECTION!

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