*My* Win-loss predictions for the 2013 Seahawks (Games 13-16)

Games 13-16

It’s been a few days since I’ve written about my win-loss predictions for the 2013 Seattle Seahawks, but during that time I took the time to really look at this team, break them down, and think about who I think they will become–I also did do a bit of great camping on the Oregon coast if that has anything to do with the absence as well…

Anyways, aside from that brief aside, I have the Seahawks at 9-3 with just four regular season games left. 

Looking ahead Seattle will undoubtedly be a playoff team for me, with these last four games determining their seeding and whether or not they will secure a bye. Here’s how I think their last four games will play out.

at San Francisco (December 8, 2013) – 1:25 pm – FOX


The final two games for Seattle will be huge home contests.

The last contest between these two NFC powerhouses was predicted, by me, to be slightly in favor of the Seahawks. With a raucous home crowd in the home opener at CenturyLink, don’t look for Seattle to be overrun.

Things will be different later in the season, however, as the Seahawks and 49ers will likely be at their prime and challenging for playoff seeding. And though I do see Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynchand the Seahawks taking home the NFC West crown, I don’t have them winning this game at San Francisco.

The 49ers will be boasting a worse record than Seattle heading into this game and will need a big win to really vault them into the playoffs.

Prediction: LOSS (9-4) 

at New York Giants (December 15, 2013) – 10:00 am – FOX

This will be a tough one for the Seahawks. Not only will they be playing the Giants, who I really don’t know how to evaluate heading into the year, they’ll also be facing them right after a grueling contest against the 49ers.

That being said, as I mentioned just a moment ago, I really don’t know how New York will be in 2013. They could be great, but they could also be a middle-of-the-pack team looking like they’ll need to rebuild in the near future.

I think Lynch and the running game will bounce back in the second half and secure the win.

Prediction: WIN (10-4)

vs. Arizona (December 22, 2013) – 1:25 pm – FOX

Two games left to go and Seattle will be looking like they’ll take home the NFC West title with Arizona and St. Louis coming to town.

The Cardinals will be coming in to CenturyLink looking to salvage something after another dismal season, but they will find no friends in Seattle. A home crowd that is normally the best in the league will be further elevated in this contest, as the Seahawks will be looking to secure home-field throughout the playoffs.

Look for Seattle to prove they are tops in the NFC West in this contest as they will put a drubbing on the Cardinals.

Prediction: WIN (11-4)

vs. St. Louis (December 29, 2013) – 1:25 pm – FOX

The Rams will be coming into this game like the Cardinals will have the previous week, looking to salvage their season. They boast a young and talented roster and will be up-and-coming in the next few years.

With that said, they’ll also be coming into this game having handed Seattle a loss in their first matchup of the year. Don’t think the Seahawks and their fans will be thinking an 0-2 record against the Rams in 2013 is acceptable. 

Seattle gets revenge in this one and heads into the playoffs steaming with momentum.

Prediction: WIN (12-4)


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