NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens will weigh in each week with his blueprint for a Seahawks win on Sunday. This week, the team has a matchup against the rival San Fransisco 49ers. Bivens declares that there have been a number of great rivalries in NFL history, but with Colin Kaepernick and Russel Wilson leading the way for their respective teams, this is one is best in the league today.

Week 14 Endgame: The blueprint for victory – Seahawks vs. 49ers

Seahawks’ keys to success

Throughout the decades, there have been many great rivalries throughout the NFL.  Currently, the greatest rivalry in football is the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.

This week, Seahawks fans — myself included — donated money to fly a banner that reads “Go Hawks – 12” over Candlestick Park just prior to the game on Sunday.  I thought it was a great idea as soon as I saw Cedric Morris’ first post.

The 12th man quickly donated more than the cost of the banner, and then voted to donate the rest of the money to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Not all Seahawks fans agree with the decision to fly the banner and take the rivalry to the next level.  I personally like the idea of the fans being creative in the rivalry.  Now there is faction of 49ers fans who are attempting to raise enough money, $7,000, to put up a billboard near CenturyLink Field that has a photo of their Lombardi Trophies and “How many do you have?” written above.

Will Russell Wilson outplay Colin Kaepernick in Week 14? (Yahoo! News)

Will Russell Wilson outplay Colin Kaepernick in Week 14? (Yahoo! News)

I’m not sure that doesn’t play right into the hands of Seattle.

The Seahawks are at a point where the only way they don’t go to the Super Bowl is if someone can beat them at the Clink.  I imagine if players see a billboard while driving to the game with a photo of the trophies, that will just remind them what they are playing for and will give them a bit of an extra edge.

From a fan’s point of view, a bunch of championships from 20 years ago are impressive, but mean no more to this rivalry than a bunch of Enron stock means to a portfolio.

The 49ers have everything to play for in this game.

They were beat down pretty well at CenturyLink earlier in the season, although the score is a bit misleading because it was a very close game until the 4th quarter.

They want to hold on to what little hope they have of regaining the NFC West crown, and they definitely don’t want the Seahawks to celebrate on their field.

With the Cardinals’ loss last week, all the Seahawks have to do is beat the 49ers this weekend to hang another NFC West banner at CenturyLink and assure themselves a first-round bye in the playoffs.  That said, if Seattle loses this game, it will likely secure both within a week or two.

The Seahawks’ players must dig deep to match the intensity of the 49ers, who have their backs against a wall. I think that is what this game is about.

Both teams are hard-playing, smash mouth teams, and I think the one that wants it more will win the game.

Because the 49ers have more to play for, I’m going to pick them to hand the Seahawks their second loss of the season.  A 24-23 49ers win.

Hopefully I’m wrong and the Seahawks come into the game with an attitude that they want to be the final team to pop open champagne bottles in Candlestick Park and the last team to celebrate on Bill Walsh Field.

If they come out with that mentality, I see a much different game where the Seahawks win 30-17.

Go Seahawks!


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