Seattle Seahawks backup QB battle: Week 1 recap

T-Jack Shines in his debut

Yesterday, I wrote here why the Seattle Seahawks back up quarterback battle was not quite as one-sided as many fans in the PNW seem to think.

During last night’s game, it would seem that the fan-favorite, Tarvaris Jackson, was the winner, looking dominant in his time under center.

However, while his first action in almost a year was impressive, let’s take a deeper look at both Jackson and the other arm in the QB2 race, Brady Quinn.

Brady Quinn
Stat Line: 6/11 59yards/ 1td

Quinn entered the game at the 9:29 mark in the second quarter. He went 1/4 for 15 yards, hitting rookie TE Luke Willson, working the middle of the field.

His second drive only needed 12 seconds to score, going 1/2 for 11 yards, hitting WR Jermaine Kearse for a touchdown.

Quinn’s third drive saw him go 2/2 for 7 yards, ending in a punt.

His fourth drive yielded a field goal, though the drive started on the Chargers 28 and stalled on the 4 yard line. Quinn went 2/3 for 26 yards on the drive and was effective even though he had to overcome a 2 yard loss by RB Spencer Ware.

Overall game 1 was a solid performance for Quinn (Photo: Ken Lambert - Seattle Times)

Overall game 1 was a solid performance for Quinn (Photo: Ken Lambert – Seattle Times)

Overall, it was a solid performance. Quinn started off shaky going 2/6 with a touchdown in his first two drives and then settled in going 4/5 in his last two drives. Of note, on the scoring play to Kearse, the play was being defended by Chargers 2nd teamers, CB Steve Williams (27) and S Darrell Stuckey (25).

Tarvaris Jackson
Stat Line: 8/9 128yards/ 2td

After not seeing any action as the Bills 3rd string QB last season, I was surprised to see Jackson look as sharp as he did. He entered the game at the 5:40 mark in the 3rd quarter.

The first pass was Jackson’s only incomplete pass of the game, as he then recovered to air out a beautiful bomb to WR Stephen Williams for 41 yards. Of note, the play was defended by the Chargers 4th string CB, Josh Johnson (36) and 3rd string S Jahleel Addae (37).

So while the talent mismatch between Williams and Johnson has to be taken into consideration, the beautiful touch on the pass can’t be ignored. The drive ended with a 6 yard rushing TD by Ware.

The second drive for Jackson saw him go 2/2, for 53 yards with a 42 yard TD pass to Williams. Another great pass for Jackson, and a dominant performance by Williams.

T-Jack’s third drive saw him go 4/4, for 26 yards, including a 6 yard TD to RB Derrick Coleman. Of note, this entire drive was defended by the Chargers 4th stringers with the touchdown pass covered by CB Cornelius Brown (41) and CB William Middleton (42).

Fans simply must have perspective when analyzing Jackson’s performance. However, it is encouraging to see him play freely, without making any mental mistakes.

T-Jack’s final pass was an 8 yard completion that helped bridge the game to the 2-minute warning, from which the game ended on three consecutive victory kneels.

Going forward

Look for Jackson to see some earlier reps next week against the Denver Broncos. He hadn’t played live football in a long time, so the move to have Jackson play against third and fourth stringers was a deliberate one by the coaching staff.

However, it is now essential to see how he does against better competition.

Can he do as Quinn did and still find the end zone against tougher opposition? Will he remain poised an in control, making smart decisions and throwing the ball with touch? Or will he return to the T-Jack of old?

Next week will answer those questions, and more, bringing the team one step closer to deciding which QB will back up Russell Wilson.


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