Seattle vs. Miami Dolphins: The aftermath, what went wrong

Another tough loss

For the 2nd time in 4 games, and the 2nd road game in a row, the Seahawks managed to lose in the waning seconds of the 4th quarter.

Sometimes a blow out loss is easier to take than these nail biters that leave you completely heartbroken.

Regardless of how it happened, we lost, and on the road, and now have the dubious task of facing the Bears next week on the road once again.

The life of a Seahawks fan just doesn’t get any harder than this.

Who’s team is this anyways?

Isn’t this a Seahawks team that prided itself on its defense the first quarter of the season?

It seems those days are long gone, as the past two losses have shown.

Russell Wilson now has this team in a position to be a passing threat each and every time the offense takes the field.

No more relying on the defense and running game to keep us in it, and, this has been the case over the last 4 games, and yet, we are 2-2 in those four games.

The defense has got to do a better job on the road, as we can’t rely on the ferociousness of the 12th man’s voice to keep the QB off cue.

The Dolphins are not an elite team by any means, offensively, nor defensively, and yet, our defense let them walk away with a win they didn’t deserve.

This cannot happen again next week in Chicago.

Russell Wilson pissed off

This look says it all (Photo: Yahoo)

Penalties kill

No team in the NFL can get away without committing a few penalties per game, but 10 is out of control.

Who does Pete Carroll think he is, coach Sark?

Even with these mishaps, this is a game the Seahawks still could have, and should have won, especially if they are serious about calling themselves contenders in the NFC West.

A playoff team would’ve have kept this one in the W column, hell, even the team that played two weeks ago would have pulled off the win.

It’s very frustrating to win two games in a row at home by dominating every aspect of the game, and then travel to a lesser opponents home stadium, and lose like this.

It makes you kind of feel for the Jets super fan who just gave up on his team, because that’s how I feel our Seahawks treated us on Sunday.

They gave up when the win was in our hands.

Two scoring drives in the last 6:00 of the 4th quarter is unacceptable, we deserve better than this, especially since Paul Allen is probably not going to foot the bill for our ulcer treatments.


There were some positives to take home from Sunday, the continued success of Russell Wilson for one.

He now has quietly put together a stellar season.

Wilson is now 178/280 good for 2051 yards. He’s thrown 17 touchdowns against only 8 interceptions. His QB rating is 93.9. He’s also a threat in the running game. 57 attempts, good for 227 yards, a nice 4.0 yards per carry average. Only RG3 and Cam Newton have attempted more runs.

Loved seeing that TD return by Leon Washington as well, that should have cued up the fat lady, but sadly, it did not.

Leon Washington tied the NFL mark for TD returns on Sunday.

Bears Week

Truthfully, I’m extremely scared of our next matchup even though we know the Bears really well. Red Bryant must be licking his chops hoping for another interception return for a TD.

The Bears looked good this past weekend, and as we all know, we can’t win on the road.

Should be fun.

Let’s keep our heads up though, this game is just another setback in the ever evolving scheme to build a winner in town again.

It will get better, I promise.


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