Seahawks vs. Texans – Some things to love and hate from Sunday


The Seattle Seahawks left the rainy confines of their city to head to Houston to take on the Texans today in a big game between two playoff contenders. It was an epic game, pushing both teams to the brink, to their breaking points.

The Seahawks came away with a 23-20 overtime win in a game that put Seattle’s will to the test and they passed with flying colors.

There was a lot to love and to hate about this game. I say that every week, but this was the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde game. The Seahawks got bullied in the first half while they came out in the second half and completely turned the game around and turned the table on the Texans.

I’m going to change it up today and am going to throw in team units, team traits and situations along with individual players.

Love ’em

Russell Wilson

What hasn’t been said about the many exceptional traits of Russell Wilson? The man is amazing. He proved it again. His numbers were far from gaudy, in fact they were quite ugly on paper. That doesn’t matter, though, because he made some of the biggest contributions to this victory.

By using his legs, he rolled out of the pocket, avoided whatever trouble he could and extended drives by making smart plays. On the day, he was 12 of 23 for 123 yards and an interception. He also had 77 very important yards rushing.

Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman had a BIG interception returned for a touchdown

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch is nicknamed Beast Mode for a reason. He showed that today. With his huge run that looked like Beast Quake Part 2 to the moving of a pile full of grown men down the field.

His bruising running style paid off in a big way by game’s end and he was able to sneak out of the backfield to catch a few passes that helped moved the offense down field in the most clutch of times.

Doug Baldwin

What about that catch by Doug Baldwin?! I just wanted to mention the catch, because I almost lost my mind when he caught it.


Earl Thomas flew around the field, making plays. He was the beneficiary of a tip drill that landed him an interception in the game. Richard Sherman had some difficulties with Andre Johnson, but he made the game deciding play with the interception of Matt Schaub that he returned for a touchdown.

Brandon Browner was stripping balls out of receivers hands and Kam Chancellor was doing that and slapping passes away from receivers. How could you not love these guys?

Pass Rush

The Seahawks biggest problem last season went from offensive line to defensive pass rush. They addressed it in the offseason by going out and getting more pass rushing specialists. While they have battled injuries, they have still made a difference this season in helping Seattle address their glaring need.

Today the team had 4 sacks. While that is a good number, what’s even better is the number of hits they got on Matt Schaub, 13, which means they ARE getting to the quarterback. Now imagine Chris Clemons, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Bruce Irvin and Red Bryant. All Healthy. At Once.

The Seahawks defense didn't allow a point in the second half

The Seahawks defense didn’t allow a point in the second half

Hate em

Offensive line

Even when the team turned it around in the second half, it wasn’t because of the offensive line. I realize there were 3 back up players in, but the whole first half was a constant battle trying to keep Russell Wilson from being maimed by the Texan defense.

They allowed sacks, they allowed Wilson to get knocked around A LOT, and they didn’t help the run game get going as Lynch basically had to earn the vast majority of them himself.


I don’t know what it is with Seattle teams and penalties, but the numbers are mind boggling. This week, the Seahawks had 9 penalties for 62 yards. If the team wants to keep rolling and be clutch when called upon, they NEED to avoid the stupid penalties they continue to rack up.


Usually I wouldn’t harp on officiating issues, because they are human beings and it’s hard to make on the spot judgement calls at times. Especially under the scrutiny and pressure of an NFL referee. These officials almost cost the Seahawks in this game. One of their terrible calls allowed the Texans to post 3 points.

Seattle did what they needed to make the officials a non-factor. But there were some big misses by the officials in this one.


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