Five players the Seahawks should invite to training camp

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The Seattle Seahawks are stacked. No ifs, ands or buts. Try as you or any other pundit may, finding roster needs for this squad is absurdly difficult. This, of course, would explain all the hype surrounding this year’s incarnation of the Seahawks.

Even Sports Illustrated has bought in, having ranked the Seahawks No. 3 in their power rankings.

With all that being said, I’m somewhat of a cynic. Three? How dare they… This club can and should be number one.

The available free agents I’ll list below, should they get some form of consideration or maybe even be added to the final roster, might help move the Seahawks those extra two spots up.

The Will Linebacker…

The Seahawks still lack one, sort of. They seem content with keeping Leroy Hill off this roster, what with his off the field issues and all, and converting Bruce Irvin to linebacker to fill the void. It’s a bit of a head scratcher of a move, so far as I’m concerned. Then again, at linebacker Irvin will have the ability to show off his otherworldly athleticism.

Could be a good thing in the long run for Irvin and his time in Seattle. But, in the short term, he’s suspended for the first four games of the season for the use of the banned substance Adderall. It would appear his transition to linebacker is getting off to a grinding halt of a start…

Bruce Irvin Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

Will Bruce bounce back after his four-game suspension?

With that in mind, why not bring in a quality veteran to fill in for those first four games? Even past those four games, a veteran linebacker could do wonders for Irvin’s development and maybe stay on the field for third downs so Irvin can do what he does best and get after the quarterback.

One such linebacker would be the currently unemployed, former Super Bowl champion, Nick Barnett. He’s got a wealth of experience as either a middle linebacker or will linebacker, and would provide great play while Irvin’s suspended and even better injury insurance once he gets back.

Come to think of it, still don’t know how he hasn’t found work…

Another solution to this pseudo-problem would be bring in the recently released Joe Mays, formerly of the Denver Broncos. Don’t let his release fool you, the guy can still play.

He’s coming off an injury shortened season, however, and the Broncos felt they would rather have the extra $3 million in cap space than Mays’ services.

One mans trash is another’s treasure and all, right?

Guarding the Franchise

James Carpenter cannot stay healthy. It sucks, because the talent is definitely there for him to be a solid guard in the NFL, but he’s had little in the way of time to show it, due to injuries. With that in mind, the Seahawks couldn’t go wrong by adding a high-end insurance policy to back him up.

I’ve got nothing against John Moffit, but he’s nothing special. Brandon Moore on the other hand… Now that would be a solid pick up.

For starters, the guy is massive. He seriously eats up space. Moore makes sense for the Seahawks mostly, though, due to his age and the fact that if they were to sign him, it would surely be on a one year deal, which means they’d have no long term commitment to him; which gives Carpenter even more time to prove he can stay healthy!

If not at guard, the Seahawks could maybe pursue an upgrade on Breno Giacomini at right tackle. I’ve got a player like Eric Winston in mind for that role. He’s one of many players that I, for the life of me, can’t figure out the reason of his still being a free agent.

He can still play, he’s not THAT old. What gives? (After I wrote this piece he signed of course…)

Whatever the case, if the Seahawks are to try and land Winston they had best do so quickly. Word has it their divisional rival-like-things, the Arizona Cardinals, are hot on his trail. He could sign there in the coming days.

Because, Why Not?

This one would be the very definition of a luxury pick up, and maybe just a little excessive. The suggestion: Richard Seymour.

He’s probably way out of Seattle’s price range, and would want a contract rather than a tryout or camp invite, but still, just imagine the Seahawks’ defensive line with Seymour added to it.

Quarterbacks everywhere would cringe at the thought.

Then again, this one is so excessive and unlikely to happen I will offer no more insight into this emptiest of all my suggestions. Never hurts to dream though…


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