Seahawks trade trickle-down! What the Percy Harvin trade means…

Hawks make a splash: 3 for 1

The deal has been agreed upon.

The Seahawks will send their 1st round pick (25th overall), a 7th round pick this year,  and a mid-round pick next year to the Minnesota Viking in exchange for Percy Harvin.

Seattle has three 7th round picks this year but I haven’t heard which one is part of the trade.

Last season the Seahawks acquired the 8th pick in the 7th round (198th overall) from the Buffalo Bills when they traded Tarvaris Jackson.

Then they acquired the 14th pick in the 7th round (204th overall) from the New Orleans Saints by trading Barrett Rudd.

Of course they also have their own pick, 25th in the 7th round (215th overall). Their pick is the one that I would assume they used in Harvin deal.

Percy Harvin Seahawks

The Vikings fetch 3 picks for WR Percy Harvin (Photo: Washington Post)

What this means for Seattle

Trading for Percy Harvin gives the Seahawks something they were missing last season. Heck, they haven’t had an explosive playmaker at wide receiver since Daryl Turner.

Somewhere, probably the VMAC, Russell Wilson is licking his chops at the weapon that John Schneider and Pete Carroll just gave him to throw to.

Sidney Rice is another player who must be excited about this trade.

Not only will Rice be reunited with his former Viking’s teammate, Harvin will take a lot of coverage away from Sidney.

Teams will no longer be able to roll coverage in Rice’s direction, which will give Sidney more one on one match-ups.

We may see two 1,000 yard receivers next season for the first time in Seahawks history.

I’m not saying the Seahawks will put the ball in the air enough to make it happen, but the potential outside is definitely there.

Cuts coming?

As happy as some players are about the news, others have to be worried. The addition of Harvin makes the wide receiver position group a little crowded.

Sidney Rice and Golden Tate have nothing to worry about, however if I was Doug Baldwin or Ben Obomanu, I would be worried about how I fit in with this team next year.

Harvin can be lined up as the slot receiver in three receivers formations. However, he could also play opposite Sidney Rice on the outside when the team lines up in two receiver sets.

At the very least that will take opportunities away from Baldwin and burry Obomanu in the depth chart.

Guy’s like Jermaine Kearse and Phillip Bates are going to have trouble even making the team.

Another player who should be worried is Leon Washington. Last year I thought the Seahawks would end up cutting Washington.

The Seahawks tried to use Golden Tate in the punt return game during the preseason. Tate just couldn’t do it.

Harvin is an excellent return man which should allow the Seahawks to free up a roster spot that is currently being held by Leon who is a very good returner but not much more.

Having an extra roster spot for a lineman or an outside player (Wideout/Defensive back) would be a big bonus to the team.

Percy Harvin TD

A sight the Seahawks hope to see a lot of this year (

But can he stay healthy

My biggest concern is Percy’s health. He suffered a season ending ankle injury last season in CenturyLink Field.

Harvin suffers from migraine headaches which have been know to keep him from team activities, even games.

Any of us who get them know how debilitating they can be. When I get them I become completely useless. All I can do is sit on the sofa and try not to lose my stomach contents.

Some people worry that he can be a bit of a malcontent. I think he has been upset for three main reasons.

His team is losing, he doesn’t have a very good quarterback, and he wants more money.

This trade would put him on a Super Bowl contending team who has one of the most dynamic young quarterbacks in the NFL.

The fat new contract he is about to receive wont hurt matters.

Harvin probably wont always be happy, but I feel like the locker room and Pete Carroll are strong enough to deal with any issues that may arise.

Of course all of this is contingent on Percy Harvin passing a physical and agreeing to a long term deal with the Seahawks.  

If those two things happen the trade will be done in the next couple days.

If not, the Seahawks will have to explore other avenues.

Go Seahawks!


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  • i get the need to free up the roster spot and the extra cash, but I would hate to see Leon Washington go. He has pulled us through many games. I trust the FO. GO HAWKS

    • NWSportsBeat

      I believe its already a done deal. He has tweeted thanks for the memories essentially.

  • Jeremy

    Leon and Obo were going to be roster cut guys, regardless of getting Harvin.
    Roughly 5 million dollars for 2 special teams’ only players is way too much. I
    wish we would have offered to at least restructure Leon’s contract but I’m glad
    he found a great home with NE.

    As far as who
    this move affects, I actually feel it affects Rice and Tate long term more so
    than Baldwin. Sure Baldwin won’t be on the field as much this year or get a
    many looks as he is capable of getting but Due to salary and productivity I think
    Baldwin will be here longer than both Rice and Tate.

    Here’s why, With
    all of our big name player contracts coming up in the next two of years, (2014
    free Agents, Breno, Mike Robinson, Michael Bennett, Golden Tate, Walter
    Thurmond, Anthony McCoy, Kam Chancellor, Brandon Browner and 2015 list is HUGE,
    KJ Wright , Earl Thomas, Chris Clemons, Cliff Avril, James Carpenter, Malcolm
    Smith, and SHERM plus more roll players for both years) we can’t afford to keep
    all 3 (Rice, Tate, Harvin).

    Sidney Rice is
    due 8.5 million (9.7 with bonus) this year, 8.5 million (9.7 with bonus) next
    year and 9 million (10.2 with bonus) in 2015. He along with Harvins deal means
    20 million dollars of cap for two guys in one position is not going to work. His
    contract will HAVE to be restructured (best case scenario) or cut/traded.

    Golden Tate is a
    free Agent after this year. With money already tied SO much into Rice (if he isn’t
    cut or traded) and Harvin, there is almost zero chance of re-signing him.

    I fully expect
    Seattle to draft a WR pretty early in this year’s draft to take the place of
    Rice or Tate next year. A more of a bigger more possession type WR, like a
    Robert Woods type, Early in the draft means 4-5 year contract at a rookie structured
    rate. (way more affordable) for us than to keep either Rice or Tate.

    This deal for
    HARVIN I’m ecstatic over. Harvin is that playmaker I’ve been dreaming of us
    getting since (you say Darryl Turner), I say Joey Galloway. He is going to add
    so much versatility and playmaking ability in all offensive aspect of our game it’s
    ridiculous, return game, running the ball, screen game, downfield threat, opening
    the field up for other guys.

    But mark my
    words, One of, if not Both Sidney Rice and/or Golden Tate will NOT be with us
    in 2014.

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