Top 10 things to love about the 2011 Seattle Seahawks

Covering all aspects of the franchise

It’s sometimes hard to root for a Seattle team. If you’re a diehard Seattle sports fan, you know what I’m talking about.


This season for the Seattle Seahawks started off rocky…to say the least…but they have given us many reasons to still believe in the franchise who has completely re-identified itself in the last 2 seasons.

With the mid-season turnaround and hot second half so far, these Seahawks have already defied the odds against themselves and are continuing to impress weekly now. That’s just one of the many things you have to love about this franchise.

Here are my top 10 things to love about this year’s Seahawks team, from every aspect imaginable. (Not in any particular order after #4)

Honorable mention

Top Pot coming to CenturyLink

Who in the area doesn’t love Top Pot doughnuts and coffee? When you ask which is better, Top Pot or Krispy Kreme, the vast majority answer Top Pot.

There’s a reason for that and I’m sure that is the very reason the Seahawks brought them to their stadium!

Golden Tate scoring against the Eagles on Thursday Night Football

10. Player interaction with the fans

In this day and age of social media, it has given fans easier access to their favorite (or least favorite) athletes. This year’s Seahawks are active in the social media community and many actually reply and keep a dialogue with fans while others promote themselves and their businesses and nothing else.

While there are many Seahawks on Twitter, a choice handful respond to fans and actually take the time to field questions or thank fans for their praise. Even coaches are on there and active!

Head coach Pete Carroll (@PeteCarroll) and strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle (@CoachCarlisle) as well as owner Paul Allen (@PaulGAllen) get on there as well!

Doug Baldwin (@DbFresh15), Earl Thomas (@Earl_Thomas), Kam Chancellor (@Kam_Chancellor), Ricardo Lockette (@RicardoLockette), Mike Williams (@BigMikeWill17), Michael Robinson (@RealMikeRob), Roy Lewis (@RoyLew34), Jeron Johnson (@showoff_32), Malcolm Smith (@MalcSmitty), Justin Forsett (@JForsett), and Leon Washington (@Leon_Washington) are the most active on Twitter and are all recommended follows.

9. Kelly Jennings being traded

The last couple seasons when a player would get beat for a big yardage play or touchdown, the name Kelly Jennings was usually mentioned.

At the beginning of this season, he even saw a drop in playing time with our new rookies coming in and slowly taking over.

The Seahawks ended all that earlier in the year by trading Kelly Jennings to the Cincinnati Bengals. Seattle received Clinton McDonald in that deal. I would’ve taken a bag of sunflower seeds for Jennings personally.

With the loss of Jennings, the move allowed Brandon Browner to step in and take over the spot, garnering lots of attention with his play this year.

8. Primetime games

After the Seahawks made the playoffs last year and upset the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, the Seahawks garnered a little respect in the way of 2 prime time games. One on Thursday Night Football against the Eagles and a Monday Night Football grudge match against the St Louis Rams.

We all know how those 2 games went, as the Seahawks seem to love the spotlight, winning over 2/3 of their Monday Night Football games in their history.

Seattle soundly beat both opponents, downing the Eagles 31-14 and then the Rams 30-13.

7. The WR corps

I will highlight one receiver in a bit, but something has to be said about this corp of receivers the Seahawks have put together. For a franchise that has not had many great wide receivers at once, the Seahawks have 3 big play receivers and 2 others who have been clutch when called upon.

Sidney Rice and Mike Williams give the Seahawks the height they need to pull down those jump balls in traffic.

They have been dubbed the Twin Towers and although they may not be the fastest (although Rice is pretty fast) receivers out there, their receiving abilities trump most in the league and give Seattle a legit 2-punch combo.

Doug Baldwin has been one of the biggest surprises and impact players for the Seahawks this season. If you don’t know the story, Doug Baldwin went undrafted and the Seahawks signed him as a free agent after the draft.

He is a rookie out of Stanford who was one of Andrew Luck’s leading receivers last season in college.

Doug Baldwin has been the biggest surprise this year for the Seahawks

Baldwin has been nothing short of amazing this season for the Seahawks. He leads the team in catches, receiving yards and tied for the lead in touchdown receptions as well. Baldwin has been biggest on third down as the vast majority of his catches have come on third downs and he has several first down catches on top of that.

Ben Obomanu and Golden Tate have excelled in their opportunities they have been given this season. Obomanu originally filled in with Sidney Rice out with injury then again when Williams was out with injury (before both were put on IR).

When Rice was put on IR, they gave Tate a shot and he hasn’t disappointed for a change.

Now that Deon Butler is off the PUP list, he is contributing as well.

And with the recent addition to the gameday roster of Ricardo Lockette, the Seahawks literally have a wideout for every occasion and situation.

6. The 2011 Sea Gals

As a guy, I have a natural tendency to love the cheerleaders on the field like most do. C’mon, they’re cheerleaders, what do you expect?

Many squads have not so great looking cheerleaders and when watching them actually perform, you almost always see one or two who look out of place or like they don’t know what they’re doing out there.

This year’s Sea Gals are an exception to all the past stereotypes of poor talent and looks. Not only is this year’s Sea Gals squad HOT, but they’re also pretty damn talented. Their halftime shows this season have been pretty incredible.

Who doesn't love a Sea Gal?

This is, in fact, the first season I have left a game with people actually talking about the cheerleaders performance rather than their looks or the game itself.

5. New additions via free agency

The Seahawks went hunting this off-season and spent some money on some new guys. They went and got QB Tarvaris Jackson from the Vikings, TE Zach Miller from the Raiders, WR Sidney Rice from the Vikings and O-Lineman Robert Gallery from the Raiders.

These new additions to the team have helped the team in a big way, with slight exception to Sidney Rice.

Jackson is obviously the starting quarterback and has improved most weeks this season, already setting career highs in most categories.

Miller has been instrumental as John Carlson went down, Miller’s pass blocking has really helped the struggling offensive line keep their heads above water as a 6th lineman in essence.

Gallery has been the only anchor on our offensive line that has not missed extensive time.

Then going out and getting Alan Branch and Anthony Hargrove were huge pickups as well. Both are playing with intensity right now and have stepped up when called upon so far this season.

These players’ leadership has helped in a big way and their contributions have paid dividends already. Consider this group of guys with our developing players one season later.

That’s a scary thought.

4. The safeties

Seattle has probably the best safety duo in the whole NFL in Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. These 2 dynamic players have been crushing opponents and stealing balls out of the air like nobody’s business. They’re both extremely young and developing together which will make them more dangerous each year for the Seahawks.

Chancellor has already been fined a few times this season for his punishing play style (which is not a complaint) and Thomas is all over the field seemingly in on almost every play that happens.

Even scarier is the thought that there is a rookie from Boise State in wait in Jeron Johnson.

When he gets his chance, he will play with the style of Thomas and Chancellor combined, laying big hits on people with the speed to run down ball carriers.

If one or both of these guys doesn’t make the Pro Bowl this season, it would be a crime.

3. Marshawn Lynch

We all knew Marshawn Lynch was a force to be reckoned with. That’s why they call him Beast Mode. The guy is a monster and runs and hits like a truck.

His physical run style has given the Seahawks new life and a new offensive identity. With his serious emergence this season, he has started erasing the memories of Shaun Alexander and the poor running backs we’ve had since.

Marshawn Lynch has been dominant

This season, Lynch has surpassed Alexander’s team record of 9 straight games with a touchdown (currently at 10 games in a row) and has hit the 1,000 yard mark for the first time since Alexander.
His leadership and hardnose style has made him a fan and player favorite here in Seattle.

Now management has to sign him long-term to keep the beast in a Seahawks uniform.

2. Red Bryant

Red Bryant didn’t necessarily come out of nowhere but his emergence this year has been somewhat of a surprise. Bryant is not the best pass rusher in the game, but his run stopping ability is second to none and his other big plays have been clutch for this year’s team.

Consider this. Last season, before he was injured, the Seahawks were giving up an average of over 70 rush yards per game. After he got injured last season, that number rose 50 yards, with the team giving up more than 120 rushing yards per game.

That is what this guy brings to the table.

Not to mention he tied the team record for blocked kicks this year with 4, getting 2 in 2 different games. And his 2 interceptions including last week’s pick 6 against the Bears.

Big Red Bryant

1. The youth and potential

This is the biggest key factor of this year’s team.

With the lockout affecting the pre-season preparation, teams did not have the chance to usher in their young players as usual. The Seahawks were hurt the most by this as they are the second youngest team in the NFL.

And with all the new players, it made the first few weeks of the season a struggle trying to gain the chemistry and experience they would’ve received in the pre-season.

Now that the team has had time to click and gain chemistry, things have obviously been working in the Seahawks’ favor.

With many of the players locked up for a while, it make this team dangerous.

As they grow together, they will get better together.

The Seahawks are already in the hunt as it is, and with this development of the young guys, it means the Seahawks are sure to be a force to be reckoned with for seasons to come.

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  • nxtm

    You forgot to mention the excellent job Jon Ryan has been doing this year pinning opponents inside their own 20. I belive he’s number 2 behind miami’s kicker in that stat. Also our new kicker Steve Hauschka has been consistent, maybe not honorable mention worthy but if you found room on your list for the cheer squad…..

    • True. I’m glad our special teams has been spectacular, but is it a thing to love that we need to use him so often that he’s a pro at pinning opponents? =)

      Good argument, though, I should’ve considered at least an honorable mention

      Jon Ryan for Pro Bowl!!

  • Jon Ryan and Hauschka have been AMAZING this year. Here’s why I left them off. It’s a bad thing to have to use your punter so many times that he can kick a punt to pin the opponent.

    That being said, he should have gotten some honorable mention love. He’s played out of his mind this year.

    Good call

  • sirwamps

    Top Pot came to the stadium in 2010

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