Three under the radar Seahawks to watch against Denver

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The Seattle Seahawks had a successful start to their preseason campaign knocking off the San Diego Chargers 31-10 on Thursday. While you can’t read into preseason play TOO much, there were definitely some things we all liked and didn’t like about the game. There were also several players who started their campaign to fight for a spot on this busy Seahawks roster.

This week the Denver Broncos come to town. Let’s take a look at a few players who you should keep an eye on for the Seahawks in the game.

Allen Bradford

While Allen Bradford and the other 2 guys listed below stood out in the first game, it does not mean they’re not flying under the radar. There’s a lot to consider. Like how Bradford has been part of this Seahawks squad for 3 years, all on the practice team.

Most people couldn’t have told you that.

Then there’s the fact that his first year as a Seahawk was as a running back fresh out of USC, where he was coached by Pete Caroll himself. Then he made the switch to linebacker and hasn’t looked back since. The switch seems to have been a good thing, because Bradford stood out more to me than anyone versus the Chargers by flying around the middle of the defense making numerous plays.

Allen Bradford, Seattle Seahawks

Allen Bradford was all over the place, making several plays against the Chargers.

With the lack of depth in the linebacking corps, if Bradford can keep playing like this, he may find himself on the 53 man roster instead of the practice squad as the back up MLB.

Benson Mayowa

Benson Mayowa looked good against the Chargers. He officially logged 1.5 sacks in the game, but his presence was felt well beyond that stat. Along with the 2 tackles for loss, he had 3 QB hits. He showed good quickness off the edge with more than a basic ability to rush the passer.

With the lack of depth at DE right now with injuries and a looming suspension, Mayowa has an actual chance to make this squad if he continues to develop and keeps pressure on opposing preseason QBs.

Stephen Williams

There are a lot of people vying for a wide receiver spot on this team and there may be room for someone we’re not familiar with to squeak in a take the last receiver slot on the depth chart. Stephen Williams is one of those guys. After watching Tarvaris Jackson throw 2 beautiful passes to Williams, it caught all of our eyes.

Let’s see if Williams can continue to get that separation against wide receivers or if he uses his size to his advantage to pull down jump balls. If he does, he has a good shot at sneaking onto the 53 man roster.

Keep in mind the Seahawks have been looking for a tall receiver to pair with Sidney Rice on the outside.

Remember Mike Williams, Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards and Antonio Bryant?


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