What I’m watching for in the Seahawks vs. “Little Giants” Week 15 matchup

Wilson and Seahawks Poised for BIG Game

Well, it happened. The Seahawks were defeated in San Francisco last week.

When Russell Wilson heaved that final desperation pass into the hands of Eric Wright, it was an odd moment in time.

The Seahawks can lose? I felt like a little kid who was just informed that Santa Clause doesn’t exist – while stubbing my toe – after losing my tooth, and catching my parents sneaking into my room to put the quarter under my pillow.

Needless to say, it was unsettling.

I realize Seattle lost to the Colts, but I like to think that was just a glitch in the system that is the perfection of the Seattle Seahawks. Something that didn’t make sense, never should have happened, but did and we move on without ever looking back.

Sure, Seattle has been in close games since then but they have won them. Whenever the ball is in Russell Wilson‘s hands, it just seems there is no way we can be defeated.

And then San Francisco converted on a third down with a Kaepernick QB run, running out the waning minutes that SHOULD have been utilized towards another Wilson comeback victory drive.

But back to reality, we lost a game in which we were underdogs and now travel to Metlife Stadium for the first of two trips in the following months to take on the New York Giants. What to watch for!

Coughlin or Moranis?

The Giants are one of the more interesting teams in the NFL, considering their unpredictability.

Not once, but TWICE they have somehow found their way into the playoffs, stumbled into the Super Bowl and defeated Tom Brady and the Patriots.

That doesn’t just happen by accident, they have shown glimpses of greatness. But unfortunately, the definition of “glimpse” is – A momentary or partial view. Not – A consistent and efficient portrayal of an elite football team.

5-8 and out of the playoff hunt. But at least she's got a nice bum!

5-8 and out of the playoff hunt. But at least she’s got a nice bum!

At times Tom Coughlin’s Giants led by Eli Manning may as well have been Rick Moranis’ Little Giants with Ice Box and Hot Hands leading the squad. In other words, they seem to have the ability of uncoordinated children in a 1990’s family comedy.

This season they find themselves more towards the latter Giants team we know, standing at 5-8 and out of the playoff hunt.

Blood in the Water

Coming off a heart-breaking loss to the team’s rival, Seattle is traveling to New York with a monstrous chip on their shoulder and with a lot to play for.

They have clinched a playoff birth, and are theoretical shoe-in for the top seed in the NFC. If they win this Sunday and San Francisco loses, they get home field advantage in the playoffs. Which puts a chill down every other playoff contender in the NFC – as it should.

If San Fran wins, the Hawks would need to just win one more game to clinch the top seed. But that’s not their focus, their focus is New York.

A Giants team in shambles is preparing for an atom bomb that is heading their way for immediate impact. There is blood in the water, and the Hawks can smell it. (Like sharks, get it?)

Russell, You Take This One

It is no secret that Wilson has taken the keys to the Ferrari that is the Seahawks and now stands alone as the team leader.

No mere words can describe Wilson as a player, nor as a person. He is so great at everything he does he makes you question your own life decisions, giving yourself a completely unfair comparison and possibly losing self confidence. But it’s okay because he’s your quarterback.

I mean for God’s sake he was just drafted by the Texas Rangers in the MLB‘s Rule 5 draft. And that was his THIRD time being drafted. I highly doubt he takes the Deion Sanders route and joins the prestigious “multi-sport athlete” group. But it just shows the all-around greatness of the kid.

Back to the game.

The Giants have a deceiving defense, considering their record. They actually rank 10th in total defense – 11th in rush defense and 15th in pass.

But since they’re 29th in turnover margin they are never really given a chance. Seattle leads the league in forcing turnovers, so look for Russell to have the ball in his hands more often than not and throwing strikes into that end zone.

Tight End, Right End

Zach Miller has shown his true colors in his consistent numbers throughout the season, but rookie Luke Willson has really emerged as a viable option in the passing game.

Just last week Willson caught a pass on a crossing route and took it 39 yards for his first career touchdown.

Brandon Mebane

The most physical defense in the league

The Giants’ achilles heel on defense is the tight end.

They have allowed an average of 5.8 catches for 50 yards and 0.6 touchdowns per game to tight ends this season.

With these tight ends establishing strong connections with Wilson and the game plan exploiting them on play action bootlegs, they could both be in for big games come Sunday.

Sunday IS NOT Laundry Day

One big reason Seattle was defeated last week was the amount of penalties they committed.

A big story entering the game was Jim Harbaugh’s statements regarding the Seattle secondary, claiming they grab and hold on every play and that it should be called more strictly.

Well Seattle committed 9 penalties for 85 yards last Sunday, but only 2 were on the defense for 10 yards. The other 7 were on offensive miscues for 75 yards – a major contributor to the second lowest yardage output on the season for Seattle, 265.

The truth is Seattle is the most physical defense in the league, and yes they’re gonna bully you out there.

But it is called bump-and-run defense for a reason. Cornerbacks have it hard enough as it is. If they weren’t able to touch the defender, it would be nearly impossible to stop these guys. It’s a nudge Harbaugh, get over it.

Either way, the penalties have been a major factor for the Hawks all season.

They will need to clean up their game if they want to be the best, here’s a good place to start.

Also, awesome statement from Justin Tuck about the Seahawks found here:



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